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January 2011 Issue
A Year To Remember
It was a year of high hopes—in sports, at least, those were ultimately dashed—and economic uncertainty, of rising South Jersey stars and dark horse candidates made good. In short, 2010 was a year of surprises, discoveries and expectations defied. As...
Two Worlds Collide
The Moorestown Charitable Works Club bridges the gap between neighboring communities.
Overcoming the Odds
Across South Jersey on Super Bowl Sunday, football fans will place friendly wagers on the game’s outcome. Some will go online. Others will place bets with their bookies. And a few will lose more than they can afford to pay. Yet thanks to new legislation,...
Star Turn
With major film roles and an acclaimed comic turn on TBS’ Glory Daze, Cherry Hill native Matt Bush is enjoying life in the spotlight.
Soul Searching
After seeking out her own birth parents, Lumberton’s Pam Slaton took her searching skills pro. Now, a reality series on the Oprah Winfrey Network is about to make her a household name.
Shot Caller
Super agent Leon Rose reps everyone from LeBron James to Carmelo Anthony, but his home team will always be Cherry Hill East.
Paint by Numbers
South Jersey’s artistic renaissance just might be our engine on the road to economic recovery.
Big Plates, Bold Tastes: Due Amici
In the conversation about great South Jersey dining scenes, foodies typically mention Collingswood or Cherry Hill. Rarely does Cinnaminson, the city straddling Route 130, come up. Residents probably prefer if that way: fewer tourists passing through...
Top Shelf: Library 2
The lights are low in the Library 2. Bookshelves line the walls from floor to ceiling, rows of faded volumes packed so tightly that there’s nary a centimeter to slide in a CliffsNotes. Brass sconces cast a sepia glow over the stalwart steakhouse. Wooden...
Woksabi Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar
I fear that sushi has evolved to the point where it’s beginning to enter dangerous territory in our little slice of America. In the beginning, it was simply enough for fresh fish to be draped atop an oblong of rice, gently smeared with wasabi, and quickly...
Cravings: Satisfying Soups
Nothing takes off the winter chill quite like a hearty bowl of soup. Whether it’s grand­mom’s chicken noodle or dad’s chili, it’s the ultimate comfort food for the season. Here are five local soups we’ll be warming up to this winter.
Neighborhood Watch: Moorestown
Moorestown may be known for its lavish mansions, but its friendly Main Street is approachable and walkable, with boutiques and eateries serving all price points. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind artworks, custom stationery or a perfectly crisped...
Headliner: Grill Sergeant
Absecon’s Robert Irvine combines his military discipline and culinary skill on two shows coming to Food Network this month.
Southern Exposure
There are several kinds of outsiders that venture into North Camden’s rougher apartment complexes. Among them: Do-gooders and pest exterminators.
Going to Extremes
From the whimsical to the hardcore, here are 10 novel fitness options to start your year on the right track.
A Fresh Start to a New Year
In these first days of 2011, there is a real sense of hope and promise around South Jersey. The beginning of each calendar year gives us the opportunity to look ahead and envision our future with a certain type of clarity. It’s a chance to wipe the...
Beach Buzz
While some are too distracted by the bright lights of the slot machines, there’s more to see in Atlantic City than the inside of a casino. And since its first lighting in 1857, the Absecon Lighthouse has been one of the most beautiful landmarks the...
Made to Order
Buying bespoke may seem like a privilege reserved for pro athletes, rock stars and, at least once upon a time, hedge fund managers. But a number of South Jersey artisans and entrepreneurs are making it easy and surprisingly affordable to get what you...
That’s a Wrap
From cashmere to cotton, wild animal print to classic plaid, this winter’s scarves are all about luxury and comfort.
New 55 Guide
Looking to get the most out of life in your golden years? Turn to our experts for advice on keeping your skin young and vibrant, making health care decisions for yourself and your family, and selecting your dream home.