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A Chip Off the Old Block
Like her famous parents before her, actress Dakota Johnson has made an impression in Hollywood with bold choices like her newest role as a superhero in Madame Web.
Silent No More
In her historical novel, Locked in Silence, Natalie Zellat Dyen tells a tale of injustice and redemption in pre-Civil War Philadelphia.
Dynamic Determination
Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes aims to revolutionize the gymnastics culture by creating academies that prioritize positivity, fostering a healthy and nurturing environment for aspiring gymnasts...
Controlling the Future
AI technology demonstrates that there is hope for positive transformation in every aspect of life ahead—even if it feels like the future is already upon us.
In Perfect Harmony
Whether she’s adding to her incredibly impressive music career, strengthening the bond with her family or helping to inspire others, Gloria Estefan continues to hit all the right notes.
Year in Review 2023
Year in Review 2023
Coping with Conflict
As South Jersey’s Jewish community grapples with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in and around Israel, they’re coping with a complexity of emotions by finding comfort in unity, community and direct ac...