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November 2015 Issue
Scene Stealer
Hugh Jackman is a film and stage star, but his best role may be as a loving family man. He’s the ultimate multi-hyphenate showman who captivates audiences
All In
The 50 best ways to eat, drink and pamper yourself in Atlantic City.
2015 Men of the Year
Our annual Men of the Year list is full of these individuals, people who make a difference daily. They don’t do things for the attention, but we’re more than happy to share their stories.
Picture Perfect
Pull a handful of crinkled papers out of your child’s school backpack and you will get the reminder that yes
Happy Thanksgiving
I get the meaning of Thanksgiving. The idea is to put aside a day to remember how so many of us reading
A Century Lived
Four local women share their amazing journeys through life and their remarkable stories of the past, present and, yes, the future.
Albom Release
Oaklyn native and bestselling author Mitch Albom uses his love of music as inspiration for a new book unlike any other he’s ever written.
The Bionic Woman
West Deptford’s Rebekah Marine is making moves and embracing diversity every step of the (run)way.
Fighting Back
Instead of weapons, women are arming themselves with self-defense techniques.
Physical Challenge
Steve’s Club is turning at-risk youth lives around, one CrossFit workout at a time.
Plaza Azteca
Plaza Azteca is following the micro-chain movement into our area, opening its only New Jersey location in Sicklerville’s burgeoning The Shoppes
Da Soli Italian Restaurant
Walking in the front door of Da Soli, the first thing I noticed was what’s new.
Side Dish
Figs: these soft and sweet fruits go far beyond the dried varieties you’re used to seeing in grocery stores.
Working for Peanuts
Medford middle schooler lends voice to new feature film.
Love at First Site
Is online dating making it harder to meet your special someone?
Southern Exposure
Daniel Marcus, a fifth grader of Thomas Paine Elementary School in Cherry Hill, is cooking up something good for his community
This month's Scene photos.
Places to Go, People to See
Change is all around us as the fall season kicks into full swing. Leaves have turned their autumn hue, the temperatures are getting brisker and the holidays are closer than you think.
Good Buy: Hot Wheels
Up the ante with the newest offerings from some of our favorite car manufacturers, from classic luxury models like Audi and Mercedes-Benz