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January 2014 Issue
2013 Year in Review
With 2014 officially upon us, we take a look at the last 12 months to bring you our annual Year in Review for 2013. We went back in time to celebrate some of our biggest stories of the year. From the annual Best of the Best winners and Best Physicians,...
Hidden Talent
Stephanie Lemelin may be under the radar, but she’s anything but underachieving.
In the Neighborhood: Mount Holly
The sounds of Mount Holly around noon on any given weekday compared to nightfall and the weekend used to be incomparable. In one scenario, you’d be witness to lunchtime foot traffic and shopping; but with the majority of those shoppers and diners being...
A Big Transition
Finding the right assisted living facility can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.
New Year, New Me?
I have never bought into New Year’s resolutions. Trying to make commitments to do something like work out more and eat less seemed useless to me.
Palate Review: Maggiano’s Little Italy
Maggiano’s Little Italy is an Italian eatery that has earned a reputation for serving up family-style meals
Palate Review: Woodbury Station Café
Woodbury Station Café is a tiny little dining room built right alongside the old tracks. After the train station was restored to its glory in 2000, Pat and Lonnie Finney stepped in and turned the spot into a French-inspired restaurant in 2009.
Big, Bad Wolff
Born and raised in North Carolina, Eagles rookie Earl Wolff nestles into his “second home” in Deptford.
It Doesn’t Have to be a Sad Day!
My wife has been claiming for years that the two saddest days of the year are Labor Day Monday and the day you take down your Christmas decorations. I must admit they rank right up there with another Eagles season ending without a Super Bowl parade....
Southern Exposure: January, 2014
Famous for his political artwork, Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” and “World War 3 Illustrated,” cartoonist Peter Kuper has been a key figure in political cartoons and a pivotal figure in the comic world for more than two decades,
Scene: January, 2014
This month's Scene photos.
Editor’s Note: Starting Over
I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, mainly because they always seem like I’m setting myself up for failure with these lofty goals that sound great during a holiday season full of binge eating (and drinking), but are about as realistic as a man...
Good Buy: Fireside Chats
When it comes to warming up this season, few things are better than cozying up beside the fire with that special someone. But these days, your hearth is so much more than logs and a poker. So we’ve gone fireside chic with our favorite picks to help...
A Helping Hand
Senior living is made easy with the help of these trusted professionals.
Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Expertly Blending New Technology with an Artistic Flair: Dr. Steven Davis offers revolutionary procedures that will bring exciting results in 2014.
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Guiding your Financial Future: Janney Montgomery Scott provides a comfortable atmosphere for investors and advisors.
M Financial Planning Services
A proactive planning approach puts clients on the right financial path.
Petrillo & Goldberg Law
Taking a team approach to personal injury and workers’ compensation claims
TLC HomeCare Services
There’s No Place Like Home: TLC provides extra-special care in the comfort of a familiar place.