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November 2013 Issue
Perfect Pies
The 30 greatest pizzas you can order in South Jersey
Chicago. New York. Even Connecticut. These are the places you hear most closely associated with what people consider to be the best pizza in the country.
Men of the Year
It’s been said before that, with so much work to be done, one should never be content to sit on the sidelines—and this year’s careful selection of South Jersey Magazine’s Men of the Year embody that.
Tough Guy
Ed Snider, the man who gave life to the Philadelphia Flyers, desperately wants to bring the Stanley Cup back to the area. He also has another goal, one kinder, nobler but no less ambitious: to help at-risk youth earn a better life.
Family Time
The email response read, “Cassie is a very loving and social dog. She is $4,500 and she is defiantly (I think she meant definitely ) trainable.”
Empty Feeling
Strip mall vacancies create a void that’s tough for towns to fill.
Products of Our Environment
Not only are more items being made in America, but many are being made right here in South Jersey.
Tapping In
Is South Jersey the next big name in the American craft beer scene?
Foreign Territory
The process to adopt a child is a long, arduous one, leading many families to look overseas for quicker results. But will rising regulations make international adoption even more difficult?
Strength In Numbers
Through Gilda’s Club, the late comedian Gilda Radner leaves a legacy of laughter, love and hope for those touched by cancer.
Hire Impact
Though the economy has shown signs of improvement, local unemployment numbers remain daunting. Is there hope on the way?
Palate Review: Il Villaggio
One thing to note when walking through Il Villaggio, the space formerly known as Nonna’s, is the overwhelming size of this building. On a Saturday night, one room was closed off to a large private party
Palate Review: Indiya
The first thing to greet me on this particular trip to Indiya wasn’t the friendly server at the front door. Instead, my welcome came a few steps down Haddon Avenue as a warm and spicy gust
Taking the Throne
Rowan grad doing special things on HBO’s Game of Thrones
Big Words: Thank This!
I’ve been a talk show host at 94WIP and various other stations for more than 20 years. Every year I hear various hosts at my station and other spots on the radio dial “discussing things to be thankful for” on Thanksgiving Day and the days leading up...
Southern Exposure: November, 2013
Theresa Belfiore, of Cherry Hill, wanted to give her brother a gift. That special sibling just happens to be Frankie Avalon, the former teen idol from the ’50s and ’60s, famous for hit films like Beach Blanket Bingo and Grease. So, she asked, what do...
Scene: November, 2013
Scene photos for November.
Editor’s Note: Special Delivery
Back in the spring, the magazine did a feature spotlighting the best sandwiches in South Jersey. Our always hungry editorial staff spent months digesting countless hoagies and such in search of the best things between sliced bread.
Good Buy: Leading Man
Ever have a hard time finding the right gift for the man in your life? Maybe he’s too picky or maybe you’re just not looking hard enough.