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April 2013 Issue
The Big Piece
Ryan Howard is injury free and motivated to lead the Phils back to the postseason.
Ryan Howard entered a critical spring training for himself and the Philadelphia Phillies in February looking like a new man, and not all of it had to do with baseb...
A Loaded Question
In the wake of recent tragedies, the debate over gun safety has reached a fever pitch. Is there a realistic solution in sight?
All in the Family
Steve and Tim Squyres have forged impressive careers in the worlds of science and entertainment, but they’ll always consider South Jersey home.
Back to School
Now that the merger flap is behind them, Rutgers-Camden renews its focus on education.
The message is on billboards, on signs at bus stops and on the sides of the Riverline and PATCO speedline—Rutgers-Camden is here to stay.
Fields of Dreams
The Magic Sports Complex of New Jersey is an ambitious $350 million project that could change the local youth sports landscape forever. The question remains though: If they build it, will they come?
Top Pets 2013
Meet the crop of furry friends who took home this year’s honors.
Catelli Duo
Walking up to the entrance of Catelli Duo, where guests hang around waiting for a table and a valet runs back and forth between customers, one would never know this young eatery was an empty space just months before.
District 611
A Little Slice of the City: District 611.
It seems you can’t go two miles in this area without encountering a decent Italian restaurant, either of the red gravy variety or more “old world” in nature.
Big Words: Stop Kicking My Seat!
Since you and I last chatted, Joe Conklin and I did another sold-out show at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman under the guise of the “Two Funny Philly Guys” moniker. The combination of the Broadway and us has been a tremendous success for both parties...
Anything for a Laugh
Everyone has someone in their lives who makes them say, “I can’t believe he just said that.” For countless listeners in the South Jersey area, that someone is Steve Morrison, the side-splitting co-host of WMMR’s “Preston & Steve” morning show.
Southern Exposure: April, 2013
Meet Cyndi Stanimirov, of Café Madison in Riverside, who is currently facing off in celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s cut-throat culinary competition, Hell’s Kitchen, on Fox.
Lunch Bells
After the First Lady transformed the nation’s lunches for kids, we were curious if our local schools were rising to the call, offering healthy foods and a unique, nutritious approach. Indeed, it does appear each lunch tray is one small step toward a...
Raising Awareness
As autism diagnoses climb, families in South Jersey are coming together for support and solutions.
Reaching for the Stars
These eight local high school student athletes are scoring big in more ways than one
Financial Aid
Experts offer advice on how to make your money work for you.
Bankers look for primary and secondary loan repayment sources. You should, too.
Legal Recourse
These trusted attorneys produce professional results.
There is a clear trend in family law issues for people to try to resolve their issues out of court, and rightfully so.
A Fresh Take
Community supported agriculture is a term few people are familiar with. Its acronym, CSA, may be more recognizable, but to most it is still a foreign concept. While CSA may not easily be associated with farm fresh food, the idea for such produce is...
Scene: April, 2013
South Jersey Magazine’s April Scene photos.
Editor’s Note: Rooting Interest
We’ve become extremely spoiled in recent years. Thanks to the success of our sports franchises through the early part of the aughts, the local fan base has become accustomed to winning. Since the turn of the century, the Eagles went to the Super Bowl,...