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August 2012 Issue
Best Physicians 2012
It’s one thing to be a great doctor; it’s another to be a Top Physician. Here, we talk with 30 leaders in medicine to get their input on the industry. We also unveil this year’s list compiled by the independent organization Avvo, as well as many more...
The Future is Now
Millville’s Mike Trout turns 21 this month, but he’s already becoming one of the faces of Major League Baseball
What Comes After COAH?
Gov. Christie’s attempt to abolish the affordable housing organization has been stalled. Is there a plan in the works and could it change the landscape of South Jersey?
Rich History, Bright Future
As Campbell Soup Company marks the one year anniversary of its new CEO Denise Morrison, some significant changes are on the horizon.
The Cost of Change
All over the South Jersey area, residents and medical professionals alike are preparing for the country’s new healthcare reform. Some call it Obamacare. Some have more colorful names for it. Whatever you call it, the Affordable Care Act is the new name...
Not So Fast
Tony Caracci has been teaching New Jersey teenagers to drive for 30 years, but the ride he most remembers is the one that almost cost him his life.
Among Friends
At this summer camp for young children affected by cancer, there is strength in numbers.
Healing Wounds
New support groups and updated care help local veterans suffering from PTSD find comfort, hope for the future.
Age of Uncertainty
Caring for elderly loved ones can be difficult, but there’s help out there.
It’s not something that anyone wants to think about.
Big Ticket Weddings
Want your wedding reception to have an ice sculpture with your own custom monogram? Or a photo booth with all the trimmings? That’s so last year. These days, anything goes when it comes to wedding planning, and South Jersey vendors are more than happy...
Feeling Festive
Forget party hats; today’s kids want paparazzi and videogame trucks.
Anyone who has ever attended an extravagant children’s birthday party that resembled a typical wedding knows that the days of kids getting together in the backyard with pizza...
Bonefish Grill
A good chain restaurant is hard to find. One worth your time walks a balance between quality and predictability, representing a promise that your experience will be the same whether you’ve made a reservation near home or out of state.
Charley’s Other Brother
On a typical night out, I would have found myself drawn right to Charley’s Other Brother’s bar for a quick bite. I’m a fan of fast and friendly assistance—the service you’ll find alongside most bar menus in the area—and this seemed like my kind of place....
Cravings: Salads
Just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean your meals have to be boring, flavorless drek. Case in point: the salad.
Living the Dream
Tasha Smith brings a bit of South Jersey to Hollywood.
As an actress, Tasha Smith has gotten to experience quite a bit since leaving her native Camden for Los Angeles at age 19.
Southern Exposure: August, 2012
This July, local citizens recognized the ability of teamwork to motivate change in a collaboration expected to take our area by storm. Seven individual United Way branches from the region came together to form a single unit
Scene: August, 2012
Scene photos for August, 2012
Web Exclusives: August, 2012
We’re looking for your opinion on all things South Jersey. Head over to and cast your vote for Men of the Year, Top Model and Awesome Attorneys. Be sure to check out our upcoming issues to see who wins!
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Each year when it comes time to put together our Top Physicians issue, I have the opportunity to speak with numerous doctors from across South Jersey. And no matter their specialty, they all speak with the same intense passion when it comes to their...
Good Buy: Drink Up
Beat the end of summer heat with any of these refreshing liquors and beers. We selflessly tackled the painstaking task of finding what’s hot on South Jersey liquor store shelves for this season. All you need is a glass and a cool spot to relax.
Top Photo Contest, 2012
Check out these snapshots our readers submitted as part of our annual Top Photo contest!
Top Chef -- Round 3: Hot in the Kitchen
As we enter the third round of this installment of our Top Chef contest, only seven chefs remain in the competition. This month, we tasked the cooks with creating a dish that was perfect for these dog days of summer—in other words,
A&E: August, 2012
It’s difficult to choose just one favorite show on Broadway—and now, thanks to “All I Ask of You,” you don’t have to. Catch this cabaret-style performance
Beach Buzz & AC Datebook: August 2012
Fill up at the Cape May Beer and Crab Festival. This all-day event embraces everything that’s wonderful about the Jersey Shore, with the best of local summer seafood, produce and more at your fingertips
Side Dish: Recipe for Success
A new culinary arts center in Mount Holly has us wanting to sharpen our knives and head to class.