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October 2012 Issue
Leading Lady
Maria Bello is a Hollywood star that shines even brighter off screen.
Maria Bello has shared screen time with some elite actors during her accomplished television and film career.
Super Women
When it comes to finding a balance between work and life, many women will agree there is no absolute harmony; there will always be give and take, sacrifices to make, priorities to set. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, and it certainly doesn’t...
Major Players
These eight high school student-athletes rise above the competition
High Marks
Private high school report card 2012
There are several prestigious private schools across South Jersey, known not only for quality academic programs, but also for their ability to help nurture students into young adults.
Love After Loss
This Washington Township couple found hope and inspiration in each other.
The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Twenty years after his $100 million donation, Henry Rowan’s legacy is still being written
The Devil’s in the Details
For centuries, the Jersey Devil has been part of local folklore.
What’s it take to be one of the lovable mascots earning their South Jersey celebrity? We dug deep to get the real answers.
Laser Pointers
Treatments offer women quicker recovery time, but are they right for you?
Return on Investment
What to consider when making changes to your home
Brace Yourself
Adults wearing braces? It’s more common than you think.
West Side Gravy
At West Side Gravy, you can have the throwback family recipe served in a slab over whipped mashed potatoes and peas or sandwiched between simple rustic bread.
Casa Bella Trattoria
I’ve always been partial to the heart of Haddonfield, where some of my favorite regular eateries are all within a half mile of each other, and there’s still a handful of places I have yet to try. Casa Bella Trattoria was one of the latter.
Cravings: Say Cheese
They’ve come a long way from Kraft singles and white bread. Now you can find gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches everywhere from upscale dinner menus to the counter at a local diner. This month, we took a closer look at some of the gooey offerings in...
Bag the Groceries
Area specialty stores could spell the end for the everyday supermarket.
High Note
American Idol star Justin Guarini stops by Haddonfield this month to share his talents with eager fans.
Southern Exposure: October, 2012
On Sept. 18, NFL Films co-founder and President Steve Sabol, a Mount Laurel resident and legend in the sports film industry, lost his 18-month battle with brain cancer.
Scene: October, 2012
Scene photos for South Jersey Magazine’s October, 2012 issue.
Beach Buzz and AC Datebook
Get ready to scream: The once family friendly Morey’s Piers will be transformed into a terrifying nightmare every weekend in October during Morey’s FEARS Terror on the Boardwalk.
A Woman’s Way
Everyone’s heard of a woman’s touch or a woman’s intuition. But what we don’t hear about—at least not consistently—are all the great accomplishments the women in our lives achieve.