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November 2014 Issue
Out of this World
Anne Hathaway’s latest role in Interstellar takes her to outer space, but these days the Oscar winner is more grounded than ever.
When the Chips Are Down
As casinos close and tourism dollars dwindle, Atlantic City is betting the future on reinventing itself once again.
Men of the Year 2014
The spirit of giving, caring for others, and making a difference are traits that are synonymous with South Jersey Magazine’s Men of the Year.
On the Air
For Brian Startare, the fantasy of covering professional sports has become a reality.
Who's the Boss?
North Jersey’s most beloved baker and television personality Buddy Valastro heads south to Marlton.
The Price is Right
You can find just about anything in the secondary marketplace, as long as you’re willing to pay a premium.
Best in Show
A local professional dog handler sounds off on her unique profession.
When Memories Fade Away
Local chapter of Alzheimer’s Association provides education, advocacy and support for sufferers of a devastating disease.
Real Estate Rebound
Trends in the local marketplace suggest a sunny 2015 forecast.
Turning Over a New Leaf
A new administration on balancing historic Medford’s charms with the need for change.
Naked and Prepared
One Medford woman goes au naturel in a one-of-a-kind reality show.
Amici Restaurant
Amici is an Italian eatery that has been producing artisan Italian dishes by hand for the last two years under the watchful eye of executive chef Alex Daku.
Thai Terrace
I was so excited to find Thai Terrace, an eatery that sticks to traditional preparations. It’s a sharp and simple space, with waitresses dressed in what appeared to be a traditional Thai dress buzzing in every direction.
Family Time: We Interrupt This Broadcast
“Do you suffer from E.D.?” You’re in luck. Evidently it’s a problem widespread enough that on just about every television station, in a 30-second commercial aired numerous times an hour, a man and woman holding hands on a beac
Big Words: Thanks, Doc!
The tone of this article will surprise some. It’ll even infuriate others. But I want to spend this Thanksgiving article thanking doctors. That’s right. Thanking doctors. How often do you hear that?
Side Dish
For a serious dose of spice and flavor, look no further than this Indian favorite.
Southern Exposure
Washington Township native Ranaan Meyer has always had a love of music. The double bassist has travelled the world performing
This month’s Scene photos
A Necessary Gamble
Despite living so close to “the city that’s always turned on,” the first time I ever sat in a casino and played a table game came after hopping on a plane and flying across the country to Las Vegas.
Beach Buzz
News and notes from down the Shore
Good Buy: In Good Spirits
With winter on the horizon and temperatures continuing to drop, we at South Jersey Magazine found the perfect solution to stay warm—a stiff drink.