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Good Buy: In Good Spirits

by edited by Rachel Morgan

With winter on the horizon and temperatures continuing to drop, we at South Jersey Magazine found the perfect solution to stay warm—a stiff drink. We canvassed South Jersey in search of the newest, best, and most under-the-radar vodkas, all worthy components for your favorite cocktail. Or perhaps you prefer your spirits on the rocks or straight up. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Note: Store inventory is subject to change. Please check with each store to ensure stock.

Spice It Up. In our world, there’s always time for brunch, and the typical beverage accompaniments. Add a little kick to your Bloody Mary with UV Sriracha—it offers the perfect spicy, peppery taste to your mixed drink. Or, enjoy it on the rocks. UV Sriracha, $9.98 for 750ml at Hops and Grapes, 810 Delsea Drive N., Glassboro, (856) 582-8110,

Head South. If you can’t head south for the winter, try the next best thing: Deep Eddy Ruby Red, made with the brand’s 10-times distilled vodka and blended with real grapefruit juice. This vodka offering from the Austin-based company provides just the right amount of tart and sweet for any number of cocktails. Deep Eddy Ruby Red, $19.99 for 750ml at Medford Wine & Spirits, 175 Route 70, Medford, (609) 953-8773

All Shook Up. Honor the King with Three Olives’ Elvis Presley Coconut Water flavored vodka. An unexpected combination of imported English vodka and the fresh taste of coconut water, this is one vodka you won’t soon forget—kind of like its iconic namesake. Three Olives Elvis Presley Coconut Water flavored vodka, $19.80 for 750ml at Roger Wilco, 600 Route 73 N., Palmyra, (856) 829-1400,

On Ice. Four glaciers make their way down misty mountains and into Alaska’s Blue Lake—or so the story goes. The unfiltered water is then married to quality organic wheat and distilled five times to create Leaf Alaskan Glacial Water Vodka, a vodka with a full finish and character and just a hint of sweetness. Leaf Alaskan Glacial Water Vodka, $18.99 for 750ml at Traino’s Wine & Spirits, 2999 Evesham Road, Voorhees, (856) 424-4898,

Death’s Door. A base of Washington Island wheat and malted barley hailing from Chilton, Wis., double distilled with understated notes of vanilla, Death’s Door Vodka is the perfect cold-weather spirit, either on its own or added to your favorite cocktail. Death’s Door Vodka, $31.99 for 750ml at Martin’s Liquors, 3601 Route 38, Mount Laurel, (856) 235-2273,

Mix It Up. Embrace the newest trend in the world of spirits—cognac-infused vodka. Grey Goose VX combines the traditional vodka taste with hints of plum, white fruit blossom, apricot, citrus and wild honey, courtesy of the cognac, making for one mixture we won’t shy away from. Grey Goose VX , $72.99 for 750ml at Total Wine, 2100 Route 38, Cherry Hill, (856) 667-7100,

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 8 November, 2014).
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