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August 2013 Issue
Losing Our Religion
Recent studies have shown an increasing number of people growing further away from the brick-and-mortar worship setting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a matter of lost faith.
Driving Force
Exactly one year after a tragic accident almost took her life, a Mount Laurel teenager is behind the wheel once again and making a difference in South Jersey.
Higher Education
With many local kids headed off to college for the first time this fall, parents are worrying about more than just good grades.
Faking It
Recent headlines have uncovered a disturbing trend around South Jersey.
The boy was sick. Very sick. Stage-3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his mother told him. The diagnosis was devastating, and it certainly would not be easy for Susan Stillwaggon, a mother...
Through the Looking Glass
Cherry Hill man gets unique opportunity to test Google’s latest technology.
It’s day three of Dan Fischbach’s Google Glass experience and the 26-year-old game developer from Cherry Hill is decidedly excited about the potential uses for the wearable...
Keeping the Music Alive
With school programs shuttered, one local group steps up to the mic.
Local schools may be suffering budget cuts—and taking it out on their music programs—but one Medford group has made it their mission to ensure that the youngest up-and-coming South...
Rode’s Fireside Restaurant
Driving through the Gloucester County farmland to Rode’s Fireside Restaurant, I was becoming more intrigued. What would a restaurant stuck in the middle of a stretch of open fields possibly have to offer?
The Pub
How does a restaurant become a South Jersey landmark? For an answer to that complex question, locals and visitors alike should look no further than The Pub. Even its massive three-letter sign sitting on its roof right off Route 130 is iconic, if not...
Pageant Queen-Turned Prisoner
One former Pitman woman is trading the crown for cuffs in Netflix’s gritty new series.
Critics and fans alike have been raving about the newest original series on Netflix, Orange Is the New Black, written and directed by Weeds creator Jenji...
Big Words: The Time’s Running Out!
The first time I ever went camping was in the summer between the fifth and sixth grade. I’m not sure if it even qualified as “camping.” There were no mountain views or burning campfires or hiking in the middle of a deep forest. My buddy had an uncle...
South Jersey Justice
Meet New Jersey’s new Acting Attorney General: Marlton’s own John Jay Hoffman. Find out what he’s doing to change the state and his favorite South Jersey escapes.
Southern Exposure: August, 2013
When South Jersey native JoAnn Vecchio noticed the increasing appeal and popularity of beach tags—known as beach badges to anyone north of LBI—she helped create Beach Badge Bling, a company that specializes in unique home wares designed entirely around...
Doctor’s Advice
A few months back, I found myself inside a cardiologist’s office for the first time in my life. After experiencing bad chest pains for the better part of a week, I was instructed by my doctor to get an EKG, which turned up with an abnormality,
Best Physicians 2013
Need a physician referral? Look no further, as we present our annual list of the leading doctors in South Jersey. From pediatricians who make our children feel at ease to cardiologists who keep our heart pumping into our senior years, these medical...
Head Count
Thousands of former NFL players and one Haddonfield attorney are determined to change the face of football in America as we know it.