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April 2015 Issue
Magic Mike
At just 23, Mike Trout may be the biggest name in baseball. But he prefers to think of himself as the same old kid from Millville—as impossible as that may sound.
Shining Stars
Game changers. Difference makers. Student athletes.
Meet the local high school kids poised for a big spring season.
A Vote of Confidence?
In the midst of his second term as governor and with a potential presidential run looming in 2016, South Jersey sounds off on Chris Christie.
A Big Test
What started out as an innovative way to conduct drug screenings may just become a revolutionary tool that could change lives worldwide.
TV Guide
When it comes to television—good or bad—Cherry Hill’s David Bianculli never misses an episode.
Building Blocks
At center court in the gymnasium in the Sacred Heart Church Family Center, two kids were gesturing either rock, paper or scissors, to determine which team of five will get the ball
Death and Taxes
Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
Shore Game
Following up on last month’s look at the best private and public golf courses in the tri-county region, we took a trip down the Parkway to see how our favorite Shore courses are doing.
One for the Road
Despite being rejected, proposed DWI law reform continues to be a hot topic of conversation in New Jersey.
Kid’s Menu
West Deptford’s Andrew Zappley is already an amazing chef and he’s not even in high school yet.
Allora by da Soli
Marlton’s new kid in town comes by way of Allora, the second Italian eatery under the direction of chef Mark Berenato.
South Jersey Magazine first stopped by Megu Sushi in 2008, dining at their Cherry Hill location tucked away in a shopping center off Route 70.
Side Dish
Lettuce wraps are always a crowd pleaser, but Cheesecake Factory’s Thai variety is big enough to feed a small army.
Southern Exposure
Jonathan Moraglia, an eighth-grader in Medford Lakes, does something amazing each summer—he builds his own 18-hole mini golf course.
Good Buy: Bold Brews
IPAs make for the perfect warm weather beverage.
A Local Legend
When I was a young kid, my father would travel a lot for his job. He wasn’t on the road constantly, but he did his fair share of moving around both coasts and lots of places in between.
This month's Scene photos.