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November 2018 Issue
Men of the Year 2018
Putting others first comes easy to these 12 difference makers who dedicate themselves to a greater good.
Lucky 13
From craft cocktails to dynamic dinners, the best restaurants inside Atlantic City’s casinos do a little bit of everything – and they do it all well.
Shrouded in Secrecy
Parents have been committing residency fraud—sometimes called boundary hopping—to enroll their kids in more desirable schools for years, costing educational systems and taxpayers big bucks. But area districts are cracking down with help from residency...
Personal Shopping
Retailers big and small seek to provide consumers with an experience they won’t find online.
Making a Connection
Whether looking for a glimpse into the future or seeking comfort after the loss of a loved one, more people are finding solace in psychic mediums. And while some claim to have witnessed the gift, plenty of skepticism remains.
I’d Prefer the Road Less Traveled
Let’s give thanks to these three major South Jersey roads for generally being the polite, clean and safe roads that they are.
Living the Dream
It wasn’t always this easy, but Dwayne Johnson overcame the obstacles to become one of the entertainment’s biggest and most beloved stars.
Nostalgia Trip
Willingboro native Stephen Hill has gone from South Jersey to Hawaii to play a leading role in the reboot of beloved TV series Magnum P.I.
Palate: An Elevated Experience
Porch & Proper’s Americana vibe plays into the menu, which celebrates farm-to-table ingredients through New American creations that are graced with a bit of international technique.
Dental: Leaders in the Field 2018
When it comes to various areas of dental care, South Jersey has the finest dentists around.
Health Care Resource Directory 2018
Your guide to great health care providers in the South Jersey area.