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October 2011 Issue
Leading the Charge
As a child, the vice president’s wife spent her weekends exploring Hammonton or sunbathing down the Shore. Now, Dr. Jill Biden has brought her passion for education, (not to mention her love for the Phillies) to the national stage.
Rising Stars
Meet the local high school athletes that are poised for success.
Super Women
With or without their glasses, it’s easy to recognize that super women are all around us: working moms who rush kids off to school, carefully packed lunches in hand; businesswomen who have burst through the glass ceiling; and do-gooders who make their...
Tangled Up In Blue
Thanks to a police regionalization plan, Camden City crime could soon be the county’s problem—if it isn’t already.
What’s in Store
Ahead of a referendum on allowing alcohol in Moorestown, the fate of the mall—the Township’s largest taxpayer—hangs in the balance.
The Long Way Back
Nearly a decade after their son Gregory was killed by a mentally ill man near their Marlton home, Cathy and Mark Katsnelson have finally seen New Jersey enact the type of law that might have prevented his death.
Power Walking
Every participant in October’s Breast Cancer Awareness walks has a story to tell. Here are three you won’t want to miss.
Private Matters
Local schools are offering more than just a leg up on college prep: many also feature one-of-a-kind programs or unforgettable perks.
Brace Yourself
Think orthodonture is just for kids? Improved technology and aesthetics are putting a perfectly aligned smile within reach for people of all ages.
Al Dente Italiana
A recent Sunday visit to Al Dente Italiana—a nearly year-old eatery that combines upscale ambitions with red gravy traditionalism—was a welcome relief. This, it turns out, is a grown-up place that, while it certainly makes for a low-stress night out...
Sweet Lula's
As soon as I walked through the door, I could sense the potential for tragedy. There, projected against the side-back wall of the dining room, was a huge, malicious-looking Sylvester the Cat, silently pawing at Tweety Bird’s cage. It was quite a welcome,...
Cravings: Risotto
The classic, all-ages, cold-weather comfort food might be mac-and-cheese. Risotto, however, has the same building blocks—carbs, cheese, cream—with none of the lowbrow implications. The key to this rich, creamy delicacy? Making sure the rice has just...
Ready to Rumble
Going a round with Michael Buffer, the voice that launched a thousand fights.
Wonder Women
Earlier this year, as my editorial staff and I were planning 2011’s cover stories, we had a discussion about who would make a great fit for our annual Super Women issue. We’ve featured some great ladies on our cover over the years—from Ali Larter and...
Southern Exposure: October, 2011
When Joe Matarese began tinkering with comedy, he wasn’t very good. And the other comedians in the local scene—now-big names like Adam McKay and Paul F. Tomkins—let him know it. “I didn’t have a creative bone in my body,” Matarese says. “You could feel...
Good Buys: Hot Dog!
For the pet that has everything, pamper your pooch with these stylish dog accessories.
Home Makeover
Want to improve your home’s value or just your quality of life? These local professionals answered our questions, to get you started on the path to your dream dwelling.
Web Exclusives: October, 2011
Original content—updated daily.
Beach Buzz: October, 2011
Your biggest fears come alive at Morey’s Piers’ annual Halloween event, for six nights of spooky fun. Experience dark and creepy incarnations of classic boardwalk rides, a haunted Ghost Ship, twisted freak show, plus two new scary attractions along...