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August 2011 Issue
Get Out of Town
Across South Jersey, “not in my backyard” has become a common refrain. Are we merely protecting our neighborhoods—or are we dooming our region to an unsustainable future?
The Fresh Prince
In-demand chef, TV personality and Gloucester County resident Michael Giletto is putting Jersey Fresh cooking on the map.
Troop Surge
As the jobs picture remains bleak for high school graduates, more area teens are considering a future in military service.
Dance Dance Revolution
So you think you can dance? You’re not alone. People across South Jersey are swinging, tangoing and foxtrotting their way to a hip new hobby.
Complete Game
Former Major League Baseball star and Cherry Hill native Orel Hershiser made his way from the mound to the broadcast booth—and, at 52, his aim is as sharp as ever.
Benefits in Doubt
As the Social Security Administration struggles with a backlog of disability applications, hundreds of people across South Jersey are falling through the cracks.
Right at Home
Deciding if a loved one is suited for home healthcare can present challenges and benefits.
A Children’s Story
When a local family was touched by pediatric cancer, Haddonfield’s Canuso Foundation was inspired to launch Babe’s Kids and unite the community to help families in need.
Wedding Bells
Couples are finding unique ways to make their special day one that they’ll never forget.
Role Playing
From soaps to movies to TV commercials, Mullica Hill native and actor-producer Erik David Barber is making his way in Hollywood. As a child in Mullica Hill, Erik David Barber always had big dreams. The only question was which of those dreams he would...
A Running Start
When Carl Lewis decided to run for state Senate, he expected a fight. What he got was a five-month (and counting) legal battle and a firsthand introduction to the world of local politics. Will he have what it takes to make it to the finish line?
2011 Best Physicians
From cardiology to dermatology, the South Jersey doctors on this year’s Top Physicians list not only treat patients with the utmost care, but they are also breaking new ground, advancing health care technology and furthering the future of medicine....
Tres Yan and Wu: East Meets Best
So much can be discerned from an order of wonton soup. After all, most of us have sampled so many variations on the classic that it has become, if subconsciously, a metric by which Chinese restaurants can be compared. Judged on this scale, Très Yan...
Christopher: Familiarity Breeds Content
Sitting down to a meal at Christopher is a bit like stepping into a time machine. While the restaurant scene around it rushes to embrace contemporary culinary trends, Christopher adheres to a charmingly old-fashioned aesthetic.
There’s no better way to cope with the dog days of summer than with a refreshing frozen indulgence. Lucky for us, almost every town in South Jersey has just the place to find such remedies, whether you prefer yours in a cone or with a spoon. We scoped...
A Shore Laugh
Philly-bred stand-up star Dom Irrera heads to Wildwood for a Labor Day weekend comedy blitz.
The Doctors Will See You Now
Earlier this year I discovered an abnormal bump on the inside of my left wrist. It was as tiny as a pebble, but it had me fearing the worst. (Maybe that’s why they say not to go Googling symptoms.)
Southern Exposure: August, 2011
Long before he became an ESPN correspondent covering the National Football League for SportsCenter, Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown, Sal Paolantonio was a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer
Good Buy: Head of the Class
Whether heading to recess or the lecture hall, return to school in style with items that make September just a little more fun.
Beach Buzz: August, 2011
News and notes from down the Shore