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July 2011 Issue
Best Of The Best 2011
There’s one thing we can say about South Jersey—whenever we think we’ve found the best anything (wine bar, pasta maker, dress shop or day spa), something even better turns up around the corner. That’s what drives us to keep hunting for each year’s best...
Atlantic City High Stakes
Gov. Christie has gone all-in with a 10-year plan to revitalize Atlantic City through deregulation, a state takeover of the tourism district and heavy investment in a long-stalled mega-casino in town. Will his bet pay off?
No Fear
M. Night Shyamalan, our region’s best-known writer/director/producer of supernatural thrillers, takes bold action to make the world a better place.
Art Appreciation
When it comes to artistic talent, South Jersey has no shortage. That was more than clear from the response to our Top Artists contest, which attracted dozens of worthy entrants crafting intriguing pieces across a broad range of media. Here, meet five...
Portrait of the Artist
Haddonfield sculptor John Giannotti is responsible for some of the most iconic artworks in our region—and he’s not about to slow down.
Social Network
From co-ed softball leagues to folk music jams, unique social groups are helping South Jersey adults connect in new ways.
When Disaster Strikes
A look inside our region’s emergency management centers, the first line of defense against natural disasters, biological terrorism and crises of all types.
Restoring Hope
Medical breakthroughs and conscientious care are making cancer treatment in South Jersey more effective than ever before.
Saving Grace
Almost everyone agrees that organ donation is a good idea—so how come New Jersey has such a shortage of registered donors?
A Place to Remember
For young children who have lost a loved one, Camp Firefly offers a place for grief and healing.
Keeping the Faith
Solid Rock Worship Center’s Rev. Amir Khan has made waves across Cherry Hill with bold moves like putting up the residents of Camden’s tent city in a township motel and administering a prisoner reentry program out of his brand new Ashland church. Somehow,...
Family Court
Divorce is tough on parents—but even more difficult on children. Here’s how to protect your kids during this life-changing event.
Chew on This
Keep your smile in top shape with these tips from dental pros.
Good and Plenty: Ristorante Fieni’s
It’s easy to miss the low-slung bungalow that contains Ristorante Fieni’s, looking more like the lair of an elderly aunt than the home of a pasta parlor that’s been pleasing regulars for 16 years.
Cravings: Pleasing Pies
Is there a dessert that epitomizes summertime more than pie? We don’t think so. One could make a case for ice cream—but if you’re not already scooping the cold stuff onto a thick slice of pie, you don’t know what you’re missing. In this season of backyard...
Write Mind
Bestselling local novelist Jennifer Weiner is flying high—and coast to coast—with the release of her eighth book and the debut of her first TV show.
Southern Exposure: July, 2011
“Seventeen months ago, I stood up here and made the biggest mistake of my legislative career.”: New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester), on his vote against legalizing gay marriage in New Jersey.
Beach Buzz: July, 2011
If you’d sooner have an audience with Robert Irvine than the Dalai Lama, this one’s for you. The 2011 Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival is back, with a slew of celebrity cooking demonstrations, tastings and lectures scattered across more than 30...
Wine & Spirits
Beer cocktails are all the rage—and they’re perfect for cooling off in the summer. So, we turned to Ori Geshury of Cherry Hill’s Mixology Wine Institute for a recommendation.
Nothing But the Best
It is with great pleasure that we bring you this highly anticipated edition of South Jersey Magazine, our annual Best of the Best issue, celebrating the people, places and things that make our area stand out for all the right reasons.
Good Buy: Sunny Days
The season’s hottest shades will keep you looking cool even in the height of summer.
Neighborhood Watch: Mount Holly
With its historic landmarks, meandering waterways, green parks and one-of-a-kind boutiques, Burlington County’s seat is an under-the-radar destination with plenty of charm. After all, where else can you take a dulcimer lesson, sample prison life circa...