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Top of the Class: 2013 Public High School Report Card

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Magazine

School Days: Tips and advice for some of the things they don’t teach in the classroom
You hear countless adults refer to their high school years as some of the best times of their lives. Maybe they starred on the football field, met their “high school sweetheart” or made lifelong friendships. No matter the case, there’s quite a gap in those four years between intimidated freshmen and free-spirited seniors. South Jersey Magazine asked several local administrators for their advice for those looking to enter their school halls for the first time as well as outgoing messages for those that will be graduating next June. Here’s what they had to say.


“At Cherokee High School, we are a family and work purposefully to help all of our ninth-graders experience a successful transition. I would tell them to work hard in class, ask questions, follow The Power of Ten—the schoolwide top ten skills for academic success—and make the most of your education for all four years. Freshmen should participate in at least one of the more than 100 extracurricular clubs and activities we offer to fit students’ diverse interests. If they need help with an issue or are unsure of what to join, they should speak with their guidance counselors and/or other students and teachers.”
—Len Iannelli, Principal, Cherokee High School South

“Freshmen students are encouraged to be involved in a sport or activity throughout the year. We encourage families to make this part of their expectation for high school: Performance in the classroom and contributions to athletics, extracurricular activities, and cocurricular activities should be expected of all students.”
—John O’Breza, Recently Retired Principal, Cherry Hill High School East

“I encourage students to simply get involved in extracurricular programs. There is something for everyone. We have terrific sports programs, award-winning music programs, and excellent performing arts programs overall. Our marching band and jazz bands have won numerous awards recently. Our club offerings continue to grow. I encourage students to get involved in student council, Interact, SURE (Students United for Respect and Equality), or anything else that piques their interests. One new club offering last year that proved to be wildly popular is PAWS, a club promoting animal welfare and safety.”
—Craig Stephenson, Principal, Kingsway Regional High School

“Take advantage of the four years in high school because they go by very fast and can have a great impact on the rest of your life; get involved and study hard. The easiest way to make the right kinds of friends in high school is to get involved in whatever interests you. Pursue what you like, but start by attending [freshman orientation]. It introduces students to our school and gives them a chance to meet teachers and classmates before the start of school.”
—Jeffrey Spector, Principal, Seneca High School

“Our advice to incoming freshmen is always to challenge themselves academically. This is always first and foremost. Beyond that, we encourage them to get involved. We believe that what you get out of anything you endeavor in life is equal to what you put into it. This high school has so much to offer that the only way to really experience all that it has is to get involved beyond the classroom. We believe we have succeeded in this as approximately 75 percent of our student body takes an active role in our athletic, music, and/or activities program.”
—Joe Bollendorf, Principal, Washington Township High School


“This is your last opportunity to be together with this particular group of peers and faculty members. It is a time at which you are on the cusp of adulthood while still dipping your toes in adolescence. It is OK to continue to be a teenager, but remember that often there are life lessons that you will receive that are sometimes greater than the academic opportunities. Don’t be afraid to challenge things and ask questions. Do as much as you can while you can; remember that we are here for you every step of the way.”
—Dr. Kwame R. Morton Sr., Principal, Cherry Hill High School West

“Drive to school on time. Don’t get caught in the Clearview rush hour. It doesn’t last long, maybe 15 minutes, but it’s gridlock. Also, make sure they’re meeting all their deadlines for college and post-secondary plans.”
—Dodd Terry, Guidance Director, Clearview Regional High School

“Seniors should come prepared to be challenged academically and be willing to give of their time and talents to those less fortunate.”
—Robert Tull, Principal, Eastern Regional High School

“Rising seniors must remember to keep a focus and to take in the experience of being a member of the class of 2014. Senior year is designed to be a special time. It is filled with events that are intended to leave a lifetime of memories. Seniors must keep a focus on academics while they take the time to savor senior events. The year will pass quickly and, if they are not careful, opportunities can be lost. Senior year is full of ‘last-firsts’ when students will experience the last time they experience the ‘first’ day of school with their classmates, many of whom they have spent the past 12 years knowing. They go to their last ‘first’ home game of the season or perhaps have their last ‘first’ opening night on stage. As students near graduation, these moments will make their final year at HMHS memorable.”
—Chuck Klaus, Principal, Haddonfield Memorial High School

“Good decisions set the stage for success in your senior year and beyond. Continue to make good decisions and you will have continued success. Work hard your senior year, even though it might be tempting to slack off; be a role model for underclassmen.”
—Tony Cattani, Principal, Lenape High School

“Rising seniors at Moorestown High School are encouraged to explore their post-secondary plans early and often. Application deadlines seem a long time away, but don’t get caught waiting until the last moment. More opportunities are afforded to those who are prepared.”
—Andrew Seibel, Principal, Moorestown High School

“I always tell seniors to enjoy their high school experience. I tell them to embrace high school and stay involved. Some kids want to grow up too fast. I tell them this is a time to be a kid one last time; don’t worry about doing adult things yet. They put a lot of stress on themselves because they don’t know what the immediate future holds. My advice is to work hard, do the best you can and good things will happen.”
—Matthew Campbell, Principal, Shawnee High School

High School: Average SAT Score
Haddonfield Memorial High School: 1741
Moorestown High School: 1707
Cherry Hill High School East: 1702
Eastern Regional High School: 1637
Shawnee High School: 1625
Lenape High School: 1572
Cherokee High School: 1562
Cherry Hill High School West: 1562
Seneca High School: 1550
Clearview Regional High School: 1524
Cinnaminson High School: 1521
Haddon Township High School: 1518
Washington Township High School: 1510
Pitman High School: 1508
N. Burlington County Regional HS: 1507
Kingsway Regional High School: 1504
West Deptford High School: 1488
Audubon Junior/Senior High School: 1469
Haddon Heights Junior/Senior HS: 1467
Triton High School: 1461
Delran High School: 1456
Rancocas Valley Regional High School: 1455
Bordentown Regional High School: 1451
Gateway Regional High School: 1442
Delsea Regional High School: 1441
Timber Creek High School: 1438
Florence Twp. Memorial High School: 1436
Burlington Township High School: 1433
Collingswood Senior High School: 1420
Maple Shade High School: 1417
Williamstown High School: 1414
Sterling High School: 1413
Deptford Township High School: 1407
Clayton High School: 1399
Highland Regional High School: 1399
Woodbury Junior/Senior High School: 1396
Glassboro High School: 1379
Riverside High School: 1370
Pemberton Township High School: 1369
Palmyra High School: 1366
Overbrook High School: 1349
Burlington City High School: 1337
Winslow Township High School: 1307
Lindenwold High School: 1279
Pennsauken High School: 1278
Paulsboro High School: 1243
Willingboro High School: 1192
Camden High School: 1026
Woodrow Wilson High School: 974

High School: # AP Classes Offered/ # Students Taking
Moorestown High School: 20/763
Cherry Hill High School West: 18/615
Cherry Hill High School East: 17/1080
Washington Township High School: 17/675
Lenape High School: 16/614
Cherokee High School: 16/518
Shawnee High School: 16/509
Haddonfield Memorial High School: 16/468
Eastern Regional High School: 15/642
N. Burlington County Regional HS: 14/389
Seneca High School: 14/375
Clearview Regional High School: 12/382
Rancocas Valley Regional HS: 11/460
Triton High School: 11/407
Timber Creek High School: 11/340
West Deptford High School: 11/324
Woodbury Junior/Senior HS: 11/246
Cinnaminson High School: 10/238
Winslow Township High School: 10/142
Kingsway Regional High School: 9/349
Highland Regional High School: 9/254
Burlington Township High School: 9/235
Williamstown High School: 9/203
Haddon Heights Junior/Senior HS: 9/126
Delran High School: 8/173
Glassboro High School: 8/137
Audubon Junior/Senior High School: 8/93
Burlington City High School: 8/68
Collingswood Senior High School: 7/111
Pennsauken High School: 7/111
Deptford Township High School: 7/75
Pemberton Township High School: 7/50
Willingboro High School: 6/96
Florence Township Memorial HS: 6/95
Gateway Regional High School: 6/82
Pitman High School: 6/57
Sterling High School: 5/177
Overbrook High School: 5/124
Haddon Township High School: 4/98
Lindenwold High School: 4/95
Delsea Regional High School: 4/79
Clayton High School: 4/67
Bordentown Regional High School: 4/61
Maple Shade High School: 3/44
Riverside High School: 3/32
Paulsboro High School: 3/19
Woodrow Wilson High School: 1/17
Palmyra High School: 0/0
Camden High School: 0/0

High School: Graduation Rate %
Haddonfield Memorial High School: 100
Cinnaminson High School: 96.7
Cherry Hill High School East: 96.5
Cherokee High School: 96.4
Shawnee High School: 95.8
Moorestown High School: 95.6
Clearview Regional High School: 95.1
Seneca High School: 94.6
Kingsway Regional High School: 94.3
Lenape High School: 94.2
Bordentown Regional High School: 93.4
Washington Township High School: 93.4
Eastern Regional High School: 93.1
N. Burlington County Regional HS: 93
Burlington Township High School: 92.5
Delsea Regional High School: 91.1
Pitman High School: 90.8
Maple Shade High School: 90.6
Audubon Junior/Senior High School: 90.3
Haddon Township High School: 89.9
Cherry Hill High School West: 89.7
Woodbury Junior/Senior High School: 89.6
Rancocas Valley Regional High School: 88.9
Timber Creek High School: 88.7
Glassboro High School: 88.3
Delran High School: 88.2
Haddon Heights Junior/Senior HS: 87.9
Riverside High School: 87.5
Sterling High School: 87.1
Gateway Regional High School: 87
Florence Township Memorial HS: 86.9
Palmyra High School: 86.1
Lindenwold High School: 86
Highland Regional High School: 85.5
Triton High School: 85.4
West Deptford High School: 84.9
Pennsauken High School: 84.3
Williamstown High School: 83.9
Pemberton Township High School: 83.7
Deptford Township High School: 83.4
Collingswood Senior High School: 81.3
Clayton High School: 80.9
Overbrook High School: 80.4
Burlington City High School: 76.4
Winslow Township High School: 75.8
Paulsboro High School: 72.1
Willingboro High School: 62.8
Woodrow Wilson High School: 46.1
Camden High School: 42.6

High School: Senior Class Size
Clayton High School: 74
Palmyra High School: 75
Paulsboro High School: 83
Riverside High School: 98
Lindenwold High School: 101
Woodbury Junior/Senior High School: 107
Pitman High School: 114
Florence Township Memorial HS: 115
Maple Shade High School: 130
Burlington City High School: 132
Gateway Regional High School: 134
Haddon Township High School: 135
Audubon Junior/Senior High School: 140
Overbrook High School: 149
Glassboro High School: 152
Haddon Heights Junior/Senior HS: 165
Camden High School: 172
Bordentown Regional High School: 177
Haddonfield Memorial High School: 180
Cinnaminson High School: 196
Collingswood Senior High School: 199
Delran High School: 214
Woodrow Wilson High School: 218
Deptford Township High School: 221
West Deptford High School: 225
Sterling High School: 239
Pemberton Township High School: 240
Willingboro High School: 251
Delsea Regional High School: 255
Highland Regional High School: 258
N. Burlington County Regional HS: 268
Seneca High School: 277
Burlington Township High School: 294
Winslow Township High School: 322
Moorestown High School: 323
Timber Creek High School: 337
Kingsway Regional High School: 348
Cherry Hill High School West: 357
Triton High School: 374
Shawnee High School: 378
Pennsauken High School: 384
Clearview Regional High School: 410
Williamstown High School: 417
Rancocas Valley Regional High School: 448
Lenape High School: 456
Cherry Hill High School East: 474
Eastern Regional High School: 517
Cherokee High School: 579
Washington Township High School: 683

High School: Student-To-Faculty Ratio
Clayton High School: 7.1:1
Lindenwold High School: 7.9:1
Pemberton Township High School: 7.9:1
Cinnaminson High School: 8.0:1
Burlington City High School: 8.4:1
Glassboro High School: 8.7:1
Paulsboro High School: 8.7:1
Palmyra High School: 9.1:1
Camden High School: 9.3:1
Woodrow Wilson High School: 9.3:1
Gateway Regional High School: 9.4:1
Bordentown Regional High School: 9.5:1
Woodbury Junior/Senior High School: 9.5:1
Overbrook High School: 9.9:1
Seneca High School: 9.9:1
Deptford Township High School: 10.3:1
Haddon Heights Junior/Senior HS: 10.4:1
Willingboro High School: 10.4:1
Winslow Township High School: 10.4:1
Moorestown High School: 10.9:1
Audubon Junior/Senior High School: 11.2:1
Haddonfield Memorial High School: 11.2:1
Cherokee High School: 11.3:1
Kingsway Regional High School: 11.3:1
Sterling High School: 11.3:1
Pitman High School: 11.6:1
Cherry Hill High School West: 11.9:1
Lenape High School: 11.9:1
Washington Township High School: 11.9:1
Delran High School: 12.1:1
Delsea Regional High School: 12.1:1
Pennsauken High School: 12.2:1
Shawnee High School: 12.2:1
Collingswood Senior High School: 12.3:1
N. Burlington County Regional HS: 12.3:1
West Deptford High School: 12.3:1
Florence Township Memorial HS: 12.5:1
Maple Shade High School: 12.5:1
Burlington Township High School: 12.6:1
Williamstown High School: 12.6:1
Riverside High School: 12.7:1
Eastern Regional High School: 13.3:1
Cherry Hill High School East: 13.4:1
Clearview Regional High School: 13.5:1
Highland Regional High School: 13.5:1
Haddon Township High School: 13.6:1
Timber Creek High School: 13.7:1
Triton High School: 13.7:1
Rancocas Valley Regional HS: 14.2:1

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 6 (September, 2013).
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