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It’s Great to be Here

by Peter Proko, Editor-In-Chief

One thing I’ve learned covering South Jersey for many years is that civic pride runs deep. From our quaint boroughs to sprawling townships, folks are proud to call this area home, no matter where that particular home is located. Honestly, what’s not to like? We have a tremendous variety of standout restaurants, desirable retail options from Main Street to the malls, amazing recreational areas, and we are within driving distance of three of the country’s major cities.

While South Jersey as a whole is great, it is truly a sum of its parts. The tri-county region’s landscape is dotted with towns each possessing their own little charming nuances that make up the fabric of the community. This month, we explore these characteristics along with other gathered data on property values, schools, crime rates and more to determine how our local towns match up against one another.

Once again, Dr. Niranjan Pati, dean of the Rohrer College of Business at Rowan University, helped us crunch the numbers using a special analytical hierarchy process that ranked the best places in South Jersey to live, work and play. You can find out more about these Top Towns starting on Page 64, including a closer examination of the top 10, featuring a new No. 1 that is sure to create some discussion.

We also have a very special cover feature with Martha Stewart, the successful business magnate that has transformed a lifestyle brand into an international empire. On the heels of her new book, Martha’s American Food, we conversed with Stewart to find out how she finds enough time in the day to keep up with her countless business ventures, tape her TV show, host a radio program, and manage to have a personal life. It’s not easy; Martha just makes it look that way.

There are plenty of other exciting things to look for this month, too, from a summer movie preview, our picks for 10 amazing weekend getaways, the Top Physicians for Women, and an interesting look at the issue of school bus safety. We are also unveiling a new dining guide that will feature more restaurants, with rotating listings each month to keep things fresh.

We could pat ourselves on the back for another job well done, but we’re in the business of letting the product speak for itself. We’ll just thank our many readers and we hope you are as enthralled with this issue as we are. Honestly, what’s not to like?

Kind regards,
Peter J. Proko

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2 (May, 2012).
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