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Wedding Bells and Whistles

by Erica Bauwens
Cosmetic procedures are now helping brides-to-be prepare for the big day.

Some women dream of their wedding for years, dressing up as brides as children and imagining their perfect day over the course of a lifetime. The dress, the bouquet, hair and makeup are just some of the steps brides-to-be take in making sure they look their very best when walking down the aisle.

As the big day approaches, some future brides are going beyond the aforementioned beautification process by considering cosmetic procedures to further enhance that flawless look. Now, appointments at the salon are fit in around trips to the dentist, dermatologist and even plastic surgeons.

“We all want to look and feel confident about ourselves,” says Dr. Susan Hughes, the board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon behind Cherry Hill’s The Hughes Center.

“By choosing to do a little something extra for that special day, we can exude beauty and a feeling of confidence.”

Hughes sees brides-to-be on a fairly regular basis, assisting them with all different procedures from Botox and skin treatments to liposuction. Ultimately, they want the same results, she says, “a more self-assured, more confident bride who feels and looks great.”

Pre-wedding procedures are vast and can cover a whole range of cosmetic options. Dr. Birgit Toome, of Appearance Dermatology in Marlton, Vineland and Egg Harbor, has seen an increase in non-invasive and non-surgical procedures for future brides. “Peels and treatments for acne and general skincare are essential, as is makeup instruction,” says Toome. Laser hair removal and VelaShape—a cellulite-eliminating process—tend to be popular for the honeymoon as well, she explains.

At the Anu Medical Spa in Voorhees, future brides can get the non-invasive procedures they want in a comfortable and relaxing spa environment. “Five to 10 years ago, these procedures were so hard to find outside of a surgical office,” says owner Dr. Anu Momi. “Now, it’s so available … and there’s no stigma here.”

And don’t think it’s just the women opting for the procedures. “Cosmetic work has begun to increase for men for years now,” says Toome, with Botox becoming an increasingly popular trend for many grooms.

Dr. Howard Lassin of Lassin Dentistry in Cherry Hill counts many couples as patients.

“Usually the couples come in as pairs,” says Lassin. “It’s kind of cute. … It’s a joyful and happy occasion and it’s nice to be able to give a big smile and just enjoy the day.”

In some cases, Lassin has even done work for the entire wedding party. “There’s going to be lots of pictures, and that’s a concern for the whole wedding party,” says Lassin. “Sometimes we’ll have people say they’re going to be smiling a lot during the wedding, and they get some pressure from powers that be.”

“We’ve found that the typical bride isn’t always the typical 20-something anymore and sometimes needs to prep a bit more. … They are savvier and want to be sure they look the best they can, at any age,” characterizes Toome, noting that procedures like Botox, fillers and laser resurfacing are also used to help mothers of the bride and groom “turn back the clock.”

The wedding day may also be a solid excuse to take care of other cosmetic issues that have developed over time. “Some people have discomfort in eating and chewing, and they don’t want to worry about that at their party,” says Lassin. “They just want to enjoy their wedding without worrying about a loose tooth or a broken filling.”

“Though that ‘one special day’ may be the impetus to assess the health and appearance of your skin and body, it is so important to take from that that every day is special and we should strive to be our healthiest and happiest every day,” says Toome.

Of course, like anything that goes into preparing for a wedding, planning ahead is the key to success. For Dr. Hughes’ patients, that means setting up a consultation with experienced clinical aestheticians to develop a specialized plan to help meet your aesthetic needs. Meanwhile, Lassin jokes that he is usually one of the first calls newly engaged couples make.

“As soon as you get engaged, call mom and dad to tell them about it, then call the dentist,” Lassin quips. “Prior to any wedding, if the bride or groom is interested, they would definitely want a full assessment or evaluation for any aesthetic concerns a couple of months before the wedding, at least to get a plan of action.”

For teeth whitening, Lassin advises beginning the process one month before the wedding. Dermatological and cosmetic surgery have a longer recovery time, ranging from three to six months, though Hughes says a typical Botox procedure should be performed about six weeks before the big day. Regardless of the procedure, pre-procedure appointments are important, according to Momi, who suggests coming into the spa six months before your wedding to allow time for other wedding plans, like rehearsals, dress fittings and parties.

“During a wedding, it’s always good to assume that whatever can go wrong during your planning process will go wrong when you’re in a time crunch,” she says. “Almost everyone over the age of 20 could use a little Botox, but you don’t want to try something like Botox [right] before you get married.

“The process wears off after about four months, and then you would just need to do a touchup before your wedding.” Momi suggests taking into account the time it would take for swelling to die down or for skin to be restored to healthy condition.

While the focus of cosmetic procedures may be physical, the confidence of looking and feeling their best is what can make a bride or groom really shine. “It is their day,” says Toome, “and as such, they should be treated or entitled to whatever makes them happy and feel great about themselves.”

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