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Elevated Living
Haddon Point Mount Laurel is inspired by and exhibits the qualities that make living in South Jersey so unique, with plans to continue modernization while taking care of their residents.

by Carly Murray

 Luxury that is both modern and holistic is encapsulated in Haddon Point Mount Laurel apartments, with high-end amenities and a state-of-the-art landscape. While smart-home-wired apartments and a pool, a clubhouse, and a gym are enticing enough, the community-driven lifestyle is a reason to stay.

“We're family-owned and -operated and we have roots in South Jersey. That's why I named this Haddon Point Mount Laurel…so if someone knows that name, I want them to know that in South Jersey, this is a special community. We care about our residents. I mean, these are their homes, so we want them to feel safe. We want them to enjoy the amenities and we want to give them customer service like they would find in a hotel.” says Tom Juliano, CEO of Delco Development, LLC.

Juliano and his team put a lot of thought and care into designing the property to offer everything a resident would need and more. Residents can feel secure, and can know that their belongings are safe with the most comprehensive solution using smart technology for all access points throughout the community.  Residents can use their phone to operate garages, storage areas, the mailroom with Package Concierge and Amazon Locker systems, and 24-hour emergency maintenance. 

It is clear that Haddon Point Mount Laurel is meticulous with every detail, offering high-quality appliances, charging stations for electric vehicles, large decks, balconies and refined finishes. The gym is accessible with an individual access code and is open 24 hours a day to residents, with all the latest fitness equipment. It also includes a wellness center and yoga room. 

“It has a full-service gym, not just a small, little gym you would see in most communities. You could have your trainer meet you here,” Juliano describes. “You could do pretty much everything: free weights, dumbbells up to 80 pounds, there's a yoga room, there are bikes that are similar to the Peloton where it's interactive. So, you don't need a gym membership; that's part of the amenity package.”

Located adjacent to the gym is the clubhouse, a centric gathering space for events or parties, but it can also be utilized to socialize, to work or to relax. Inspired by Juliano’s hospitality experience, the clubhouse is 8,500 square feet and features shuffleboard and pool tables, a fireplace, a conference room and work-from-home spaces. Outside the clubhouse are cornhole boards, a barbecue grill, a fire pit, a pool and a beautiful, approximately 150-year-old oak tree.

“We actually spent a lot of money [to] put lightning rods on it because big trees like that are subject to getting hit by lightning, so we've actually protected it that way,” explains Juliano, who took inspiration from the tree from the pivotal memory of the oldest tree in Cecil County, Maryland on his father’s farm. Tree experts were consulted to determine Haddon Point’s centric tree’s age and history, which was dated back to a farm on the current site.

“[The tree in Maryland] was a huge tree just like that. We're going to put, like, a Forrest Gump swing on it, and it's getting made right now. In other words, the resident can sit down, and it’s a two-person swing and you can dangle your knees. We're going to put some park benches around and we're also going to light it up at night because it's such a focal point.”

The quiet and private community features a lengthy walking path, and welcomes pets to enjoy the scenery alongside residents. In fact, the thoughtfully considered vinyl flooring installed in the apartment homes prevents staining from pets or kids. Juliano is far from finished, with plans to add commercial developments on-site to add to the luxury community living experience. He plans to include Tim Hortons coffee, food, salons and other places to enjoy with convenience, adding to the all-encompassing atmosphere shared among Haddon Point residents.

These factors make Haddon Point Mount Laurel the perfect place to settle down after the kids move out if there is a desire to downsize. Yet, it is a major upgrade in convenience, comfort and life enrichment. For that reason, it is also a great living environment for kids due to its location in the Mount Laurel School District and the plethora of opportunities for recreational activities and exercise both indoors and outdoors. Haddon Point Mount Laurel’s emphasis on safety also adds to the family-friendly environment. 

“We’ll have all kinds of different events at the facility that will be scheduled for the community like wine tastings, barbecues, a tenant appreciation day a few times a year where we open up and cook barbecue for everybody,” Juliano explains.

This summer is the best time to inquire about Haddon Point Mount Laurel residency, with deals and specials throughout. Guests are able to utilize temporary codes to make one’s home the next gathering destination, especially with the resort-style pool and sun deck. 

“I'm really proud of this community,” Juliano affirms. “I mean, we worked really hard on it, and we're excited.”


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