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Top Physicians for Children 2023
Our leading Top Physicians for Children in South Jersey

by Staff

Parents would do anything for their kids to make sure that they go on to have lives full of health and happiness. But, there’s only so much a mother or father can do and so when it comes to prioritizing their children’s health, it’s important for them to have trusted pediatric providers they can depend on to play an integral role in their little one’s growth and development.

Our annual list of the Top Physicians for Children, as chosen by their peers and our readers, is a roundup of some of the foremost pediatric medical minds in our area who are recognized for offering highly compassionate and personalized levels of care. As a result, parents across South Jersey can rest assured that no matter if it’s a routine checkup or a more serious need, their children are in good hands


Dr. Persephone Jones | Deptford
(800) 416-4441 |

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
Dr. Rachael Fisher | Voorhees     
Dr. Susan Kaufman  Voorhees  

Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Terry Anderson | Voorhees   (856) 783-0287 |
Dr. William Bonney | Marlton  
 Dr. Aaron T. Dorfman
Voorhees | (856) 783-0287
 Dr. Samuel S. Gidding    Voorhees | (800) 416- 4441 
Dr. Katherine T. Levinson Voorhees | (856) 783-0287
Dr. Michael Luceri        Deptford | (800) 416- 4441
Dr. Steven B. Ritz | Voorhees (800) 416-4441|

Pediatric Dermatology
Dr. Justin J. Green | Marlton 
Dr. Warren R. Heyman  Marlton
Dr. Steven M. Manders Marlton 
Dr. Jonathan Winter | Sewell

 Pediatric Gastroenterology
Dr. J. Fernando Delrosario Cherry Hill | (856) 416-4441
 Dr. Andrew B. Grossman Voorhees | (856) 435-1300
Dr. Raman Sreedharan Serving South Jersey   
  (800) 879-2467 | 
Dr. Vikas Uppal | Deptford (800) 416-4441

Pediatric Nephrology
Dr. Madhura Pradhan Voorhees | (856) 435-1300

Pediatric Neurosurgery
Dr. Jeffrey W. Campbell   
Voorhees | (800) 416-4441

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery 
Dr. Wudbhav N. Sankar Voorhees | (856) 435-1300
Dr. Jennifer Winell | Voorhees (856) 435-1300 |

Pediatric Plastic Surgery     
Dr. Scott Bartlett | Voorhees (856) 435-1300 |

Pediatric Pulmonology  
Dr. Lee J. Brooks | Voorhees (856) 435-1300 |
 Dr. Aaron Chidekel | Deptford (800) 416-4441 |
Dr. Caitlin Papastamelos Serving South Jersey

Pediatric Radiology
Dr. Jim Bloor | Serving South Jersey
Dr. Ross Titton | Serving South Jersey 

Pediatric Specialist: Abused Children    
Dr. Martin A. Finkel | Stratford (856) 309-DOCS

Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Edward Doolin | Voorhees (856) 964-8219 |

Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Rochelle Haas | Deptford      (800) 416-4441 |

Pediatric Urology

Dr. Gerald M. Fendrick      Serving South Jersey
Dr. T. Ernesto Figueroa | Deptford |  (800) 416-4441
Dr. Thomas Kolon | Voorhees    (856) 435-1300 | 


General Pediatrics 
Dr. Emmanuel F. Ashong
    Serving South Jersey       
Dr. Jeffrey D. Blackman | Marlton
(856) 596-3434 
Dr. Laurie Bruner | Stratford   
(856) 309-DOCS
Dr. Penny M. Chong | Camden
Dr. Edgar Collazo | Sewell
Dr. Eileen Condren  
Washington Township
(856) 309-DOCS   
Dr. Wendy S. Cook  
Washington Township
(856) 309-DOCS   
Dr. Daniel Costa | Blackwood
Dr. John T. DelGiorno | Blackwood
Dr. Joseph J. DelGiorno
Blackwood, Mullica Hill
Dr. Eric Dorn | Sewell
Dr. Jeffrey S. Fendrick    
Gibbsboro | (856) 783-2802
Dr. John D. Giardino Jr. | Moorestown   
(856) 235-0264
Dr. Bruce Gooberman | Cherry Hill
Dr. Anne Gordon | Moorestown  
Dr. Esther Harris | Cherry Hill   
Dr. Mohammed J. Hussain
Serving South Jersey
Dr. Kristin Hyman
Dr. Tanya L. Kadrmas-Iannuzzi   
(856) 309-DOCS   
Dr. Karen Kaighn | Serving South Jersey
Dr. Leonard F. Kaplan | Cherry Hill
Dr. Richard King | Mount Laurel       
Dr. Angela Knestaut
Serving South Jersey
Dr. Christina Litrenta Lampone   
Washington Township
Dr. Anthony Marchese | Cherry Hill
Dr. John C. Mirmanesh
Serving South Jersey | (856) 753-7374
Dr. S. Jay Mirmanesh 
Serving South Jersey | (856) 753-7374
Dr. Mahbod Mohazzebi
      Serving South Jersey       
Dr. Anthony F. Napoli | Gibbsboro
(856) 783-2802
Dr. Howard N. Orel | Marlton
(856) 596-3434
Dr. Stephanie B. Rickey | Gibbsboro
(856) 435-1300      
Dr. Mark G. Schlitt | Haddon Heights    
Dr. Stephanie N. Schlitt | Haddon Heights
Dr. Mary Stailey-Sims | Woolwich  
Dr. Jill Stavalone | Marlton
(856) 596-3434
Dr. Bruce Taubman | Cherry Hill
Dr. John B. Tedeschi | Cherry Hill
Dr. Reynaldo Velasco | Cherry Hill   
Dr. Howard S. Waxman | Marlton     
(856) 596-3434
Dr. Jason Weber | Serving South Jersey       
Dr. Marius Wechsler | Mount Laurel       
Dr. Heidi Weinroth | Moorestown  
Dr. Theresa Welsh | Haddonfield   
Pediatric Allergy & Immunology
Dr. Joel Fiedler  | Voorhees | (856) 435-1300
Dr. Eugene A. Gatti | Marlton     
Dr. Eric Glasofer | Voorhees   
Dr. Alana B. Jones | Deptford (800) 416-4441
Dr. Min Ku   
Serving South Jersey 
Dr. Rushani Saltzman Voorhees
(856) 435-1300 |
Dr. Shashank S. Sheth Serving South Jersey
(856) 602-4000
Dr. Gregory Toci 
Serving South Jersey

Pediatric Endocrinology
Dr. Andrew J. Bauer | Voorhees (856) 783-2802 |
 Dr. Shara Rose Bialo   Deptford | (800) 416-4441
 Dr. Andrew C. Calabria Voorhees
 (856) 435-1300 |
Dr. Daniel Doyle | Deptford (800) 416-4441 |
Dr. Wilma C. Rossi | Voorhees (856) 435-1300 |

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology   
Dr. Nicholas Evageliou   Voorhees | (856) 435-1300

Pediatric Neonatologist
Dr. Elizabeth Y. Fong-deLeon |  Voorhees
(856) 435-7502 |

Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Stephen J. Falchek    Cherry Hill | (800) 416-4441 
Dr. Mark Mintz | Voorhees        

Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Stephanie L. Davidson Voorhees | (856) 435-1300
Dr. Debra Prieto       
 Serving South Jersey   
Dr. Bruce Schnall | Voorhees 
   Dr. Amy R. Wexler Moorestown

Pediatric Otolaryngology
Dr. Saba Aftab | Serving South Jersey | (856) 435-9100
 Dr. Adva Buzi | Voorhees (856) 435-1300 |
 Dr. Brian P. Dunham | Voorhees | (856) 435-1300
Dr. Ashmit Gupta
Serving South Jersey
(856) 602-4000
 Dr. Nikolaus Hjelm     
Serving South Jersey
 (856) 435-9100  AdvocareENTSpecialty   
 Dr. Ian N. Jacobs | Voorhees (856) 435-1300 |
 Dr. Kenneth Rosenstein        Voorhees   
Dr. Scott Schaffer Serving South Jersey | (856) 435-9100 AdvocareENTSpecialty
 Dr. Stephen Tai |  Serving South Jersey | (856) 435-9100
Dr. Ryan D. Walker
Serving South Jersey
(856) 602-4000
 Dr. Gabriel Wong | Serving South Jersey | (856) 435-9100 AdvocareENTSpecialty

Pediatric Sports Medicine
Dr. William Emanuele | Deptford | (800) 416-4441
 Dr. R. Robert Franks | Marlton  
Dr. Barry A. Hicks | Voorhees  (800) 416-4441 |
Dr. Mitesh Patel | Serving South Jersey  

Pediatric Specialist:Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

Dr. Erik Brandsma | Voorhees   (856) 435-1300 |
Dr. Margaret Fernandes | Serving South Jersey



Earlier this year, we sent out correspondence to the leading pediatric professionals in South Jersey in search of nominations for our annual Top Physicians for Children list. In addition, we also tasked our readers with going online and recommending the pediatric professionals they’ve had positive experiences with. The results were tallied and after applying a minimum number of votes to be considered for the list, the leading vote-getters in each specialty were then vetted using public sources of information to verify peer recognition, professional achievements, experience, honorable accolades and more.

We go to great lengths and take time and energy to ensure a fair voting process, but we acknowledge these surveys and Internet research are not an entirely objective metric. We are aware that this is just a mere sample of the good physicians in the region and thus there are many professionals who do not appear on the list. Furthermore, South Jersey Magazine does not solely endorse the services of any particular doctor who was selected. Lastly, any paid advertisements in this publication were not exchanged for inclusion on the list.



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