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by Staff

As we welcome 2023 with open arms, we wanted to first take some time to reflect back on the year that was. From the many notables that graced our pages to our annual celebrations of the best that South Jersey has to offer; 2022 was a year to remember. In these pages, you’ll find a roundup of our lists for the top physicians, attorneys, dentists and other leading area professionals that appeared throughout the year. You’ll also see our picks for the top restaurants, retail shops and a whole lot more, including highlights from some of our best interviews. 


They Said It!

Memorable quotes from our best interviews in 2022

I speak my truth every chance I get, and I will continue doing so. I always feel that I am trying to heal my younger self; that little girl who grew up in poverty, who didn’t have enough to eat, and who grew up in abuse. She follows me everywhere I go.”

Viola Davis


“I write from the heart. I sometimes feel people think I’m waiting for the next pile of setbacks, the ashes from which I can form into another album. Like I couldn’t just sit there and throw 12 tracks together—I genuinely need to suffer a bit beforehand.”



“Love, attraction, sex appeal—call it what you want, it can lead perfectly rational people to behave in very strange ways, and to make decisions that are completely out of character. Is that a good thing? I think it probably is.”

 Owen Wilson


“I’ve learned a great deal from her resilience. I always joke that on The Simpsons, they give Lisa Simpson something at the top of the episode and 22 minutes later they’ve taken it away, whether it’s an achievement, an award or a friend. But that little girl just picks herself back up, pulls up her socks and gets on with it. And she does it with a smile.”

Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson


I didn’t know that I’d be at ESPN at 31, there was no way. But it was always a goal of mine since I was 7 or 8 years old, to be on SportsCenter and be at ESPN. If it wasn’t for a late softball coach at Cherry Hill East, Charlie Musumeci, who knows where I would have been.

Max McGee, Cherry Hill native and ESPN SportsCenter anchor


“The people on television every day like myself become close friends. When I’m in the Cherry Hill Mall and people want to say hello or take a selfie, it’s so gratifying when they appreciate what you do. We’ve become members of the family because we are brought into their living room every night.”

 Rick Williams, 6ABC anchor


“When people come to my show they are going to see my heart on my sleeve. I’m an ordinary guy who lives in this world and gets upset with stuff, I fall in love with stuff. I try my best to make the world a better place for me and my kids and everyone’s grandchildren.”

 Graham Nash


The neatest thing is when I’m walking through the concourse and a guy with his young son will say, ‘Hey, this is Lou Nolan.’ The kids look at me like, ‘OK.’ Then I usually say, ‘The PECO power play guy,’ and immediately the kids know because they look forward to that.

— Lou Nolan, Philadelphia Flyers’ public address announcer


“I love the fact that my life is no longer about work and I can find so much joy in looking after [my kids], even though they’re growing up very quickly. I feel much less stressed and wrapped up in my own life now and I feel I’m enjoying things more.”

 Sandra Bullock


Radio is so hypothetical—we know people are listening, but you can’t directly see or hear them. You are talking into this microphone and hope it goes out to the world, so the fact that people respond and laugh, that part is the most gratifying for me.”

 Tyrone Johnson, afternoon host, 97.5 The Fanatic


“I did some school plays, and I always liked to write poetry and songs and stuff when I was a kid, and I really loved music. My mom instilled a love of music in me because she sang around the house all the time and was always listening to music, and I read a lot. I still read a lot; I’m a huge lover of books. I think all those things combined probably unwittingly sort of built my appreciation for the arts.”

 Tim McGraw


“It’s very rewarding for people to associate you with the ballpark. I love the Phillies so much and I’m flattered when people link me to the club and the ballpark and it makes me feel very proud. I just enjoy it so much and I think one of the things that fans appreciate is that enjoyment comes across in my announcing style because one of the things I’m trying to do is convey to the fans how much fun it is for us to be there and watch baseball.”

 Dan Baker, Philadelphia Phillies’ public address announcer


“Coming out of this pandemic has made me feel that I am part of something much bigger than just myself. I’ve been very aware of my common humanity. This has helped me tremendously to face moments where I think I need to pull back; I need to fill my cup before I try to reach out to others. It’s about getting support from people around you, which is very helpful.”

 Glenn Close


“Many of us don’t get to do what we love in the area where we grew up. I’ve gotten to work with some of the same incredible news veterans I watched as a kid, and I’ve reconnected with so many people I haven’t seen in years. It’s great!”

 Erin Coleman, NBC10 anchor


“[I]’m a great worrier and I always tell myself that if the horrendous thing’s going to happen, then there’s no point worrying about it because it’s going to happen anyway and you’ve just kind of doubled your pain.”

 Eddie Redmayne


“From the beginning of my career, everything has been pretty well mapped out. When I would release an album, I pretty much knew what the next two years of my life would look like. To be one of the countless artists sidelined [by the pandemic], every one of us who has been lucky enough to be in front of an audience again, we’re all just coming at this from an enormous amount of shellshocked gratitude.”

 Josh Groban


“I never want to ‘phone in’ a performance. Anything that I put my name on and invest time and creativity doing is worth doing my best.”

 Idris Elba


“[Camden is] home for me. It’s the city that helped raise me.”

 Philadelphia Eagle Haason Reddick


“I don’t look or sound like 28 of my 29 peers and being different, in any industry, is hard. … I feel quite a bit of pressure to prove that I belong because I know if I do well my work will open doors for others who want to do this too.”

 Kate Scott, Philadelphia 76ers’ TV play-by-play announcer


My father, Max Rosenthal, was very funny and I don’t think I would be here if my dad wasn’t funny. My mom, Helen, saw him tell some jokes back when he was a teenager and she fell in love with his sense of humor. It was probably a very old joke that he got from Henny Youngman.”

 Phil Rosenthal, TV star and producer


“Nobody goes into radio thinking they are going to do 33 years on one radio station at one day part. I got really lucky being in the right city with a loyal fan base that kept me in the business a lot longer than I could’ve ever imagined.”

 Angelo Cataldi, 94WIP morning show host




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