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Beautiful People

by Peter Proko, Editor-In-Chief
There are worse ways to spend a Friday. That was my thinking as I pulled up the sprawling driveway of a Moorestown manse for my early-morning call time for our spring fashion photo shoot. The chance to get out of the office is always a welcome change of pace. And spending the better part of the day with three very beautiful models was icing on the cake. Especially when those models happen to be married to some of the most prominent players on the Philadelphia Flyers.

So, while their husbands were lacing up their skates for practice at the nearby Skate Zone in Voorhees, Lauren Pronger, Nadine Coburn and Laura O’Donnell were slipping into BCBG heels and posing for the camera. A departure from their everyday lives? Sure. But these women certainly have the looks to make modeling more than an occasional gig.

However, Pronger, Coburn and O’Donnell are more than just pretty faces. Part of what makes them so attractive is the tremendous work they do through the Flyers’ Charities. In the past three decades, the annual Flyers’ Wives Fight for Lives Carnival has raised more than $23 million for our community. While their husbands work hard to make sure we have a winning team on the ice, behind the scenes these women are actively building upon that success. Be sure to check out the wonderful spread starting on Page 66, but please also be sure to support their cause at

As we gear up for the changing of seasons, we are also eager to introduce you to some new features that you’ll notice throughout the magazine. In striving to ensure that each month’s issue is better than the last, we’ve rolled out some new content that we’re confident you’ll find engaging, informative and visually appealing. We know this because we listen to the feedback from our readers and use it as motivation to exceed even our own expectations—which I assure you are sky high. A reader from Haddonfield e-mailed me just last week and said how much she enjoyed South Jersey Magazine. She said it was a product “really needed for the South Jersey area.” We couldn’t agree more!

Kind regards,
Peter J. Proko

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 12 (March, 2011).
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