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A Ringing Endorsement
From natural to lab-grown diamonds, the experienced team at DeSimone Jewelers has you covered when it comes to engagement rings.

by Peter Proko

Anyone who has shopped for an engagement ring knows firsthand how stressful the process can be. Torn between wanting to give their significant other the ring of their dreams and budget constraints, it’s imperative to find an experienced jeweler who can address your individualized concerns and guide you to make the most informed decision possible. 

Having been in the industry for more than 40 years, the folks at DeSimone Jewelers understand this better than anyone. Brothers Will and Lou founded the business in 1981 and spent decades manufacturing pieces for other jewelers and select clients while located along Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row, before opening up a retail shop in Haddonfield in 2019. Now joined by Will’s son Nick and Lou’s son Mike, the family business has further solidified its reputation for creating one-of-a-kind pieces and delivering unmatched levels of service. 

Primarily known for its stunning bridal jewelry, DeSimone Jewelers offers customers not only natural diamonds mined from the earth, but also those which are lab grown. Lab-grown diamonds have increased in popularity in recent years, but many people are still not familiar with this less-expensive option that cuts cost without sacrificing quality. 

“The most commonly asked question is, ‘What if someone can see the difference?’ That’s why when they come in, we show them both natural and lab-grown diamonds. The difference is the cost and the source; molecularly they are identical,” Will says. 

DeSimone Jewelers sells more lab-grown diamonds than anyone in the tri-state area, accounting for nine out of every 10 diamonds purchased, with customers coming from as far as Baltimore or New York City to see them. The stones are available with GIA certificates and are graded under the same scrutiny as a natural diamond, allowing customers to feel confident about their decision.

“If someone comes in with $6,000 to spend and I show them what that money buys them with regard to a natural diamond versus a lab-grown, they sell themselves,” says Will. “And the money saved on the diamonds allows us to create more unique styles and flex our creative muscles, which makes the final piece that much more head turning.”

While Will acknowledges that some people remain skeptical, he believes the trend is very much here to stay. “Lab-grown diamonds aren’t for everyone, but the quality keeps getting better and I expect them to be around for a long time.”


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