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It’s Quizzo Time, Jersey Style

by Big Daddy Graham
Many years ago the only way you could see me “live” was by coming to one of my comedy shows. Even then, unless you hung around after the show, you didn’t exactly get to “know” me. Then I began working for WIP and started to get sent out for live appearances. “Join Big Daddy Graham for a Miller Lite Wednesday at PJ Whelihan’s in Cherry Hill between 5 and 7 p.m.”
Gigs like that were something all of the hosts at WIP did. I had never done this type of appearance before but quickly found out they were rather easy to do. You would show up at the bar and some people sitting at a table or at the bar would shout, “Hey Big Daddy, come on over,” and then you would go over to their table and shoot the breeze with them for 10 minutes or so, mostly answering their questions.
“Are the Eagles winning on Sunday?” “What’s the better venue, the Linc or the Bank?” “Is Angelo Cataldi really that cheap?” (Yes!) Then you would move to another table.
Compared to performing stand-up, these appearances were a piece of cake. And I guess I was pretty good at them because the station started sending me out on more and more of them. 
Then one night I showed up at a club in North Wildwood called Keenan’s for what I thought was going to be another standard appearance night. The manager at the club that night was a very friendly and personable woman named Katie. She politely and quickly informed me that Wednesday night at Keenan’s was Quizzo night and I didn’t have any idea what a Quizzo night even was. I had never been to one.
My brain has been collecting oddball, generally useless, facts for years so I had the trivia part of it down cold. Katie wrestled up some pencils and paper, generally taught me how a round of trivia should go, and I got through my first Quizzo night and had a good time doing it.
Well within three years I found myself doing Quizzo five nights a week. And I could have been doing it seven nights, but I always save Fridays and Saturdays for comedy shows. And if a comedy club booked me for Wednesday through Saturday? Then my daughter Ava did the Quizzo nights that I could not do—and still does.
So let’s have some fun and play a round of South Jersey Quizzo.
1. What is the name of the bar and restaurant the Philadelphia Flyers used to hang out at during the Stanley Cup heyday?
2. The very first drive-in movie theater was located in what South Jersey city?
3. True or false: I once paid a $35 fine in Sea Isle City for “parading without a permit.”
4. What currently working, nationally known, beautiful blonde actress was born and raised in Cherry Hill?
5. What is the name of the Italian delicacy that I’ve only ever eaten in South Jersey? It’s also known as an “inside out pizza.”
6. Does having an EZ Pass save you money when you drive over either the Walt Whitman Bridge, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge or the Delaware Memorial?
7-10. One night I asked my WIP listeners for their favorite movie starring Bruce Willis, a South Jersey native. Which four got the most votes? Give yourself one point for each movie you guess correctly.
The answers will be posted in next month’s issue. Good luck!

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Published and copyrighted in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 17, Issue 6 (September 2020).

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