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Sponsored Content: Fresh Produce at Your Doorstep
Veggie Carriage delivers fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm directly to your front door.

by Brittany Ann Morrisey
At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and shops closed their doors and farmers, who normally sold to these businesses, ended up with a surplus of fruits and vegetables that they couldn’t sell. Seeing how the community was suffering from this chain of events, Tal Mor and his brother Eran wanted to do something to help the local economy and vulnerable community members and so they launched Veggie Carriage, a contactless produce delivery service.
“We’re a local business supporting local employment, local farms and we’re expanding rapidly with the help of our community,” Mor says. 
Veggie Carriage is headquartered in Cherry Hill and was originally set to service just that area. But due to demand, the company has rolled out its contactless delivery to all of Camden County, along with the Main Line in the Philadelphia suburbs and parts of the Jersey Shore. 
And Mor expects to soon expand into even more South Jersey zip codes. People can check if they’re in a delivery zone by visiting Veggie Carriage’s website. 
Veggie Carriage offers next-day delivery guaranteed, Monday thru Friday. Delivery is free for orders of $25 or more. In addition to fruits and veggies, the company also offers select hygiene products, pantry items and healthful snacks for purchase. 
The freshness of the company’s produce is of the utmost importance to Mor. And, in fact, often customers receive their goods the same day that they were picked on the farm. 
“Our slogan is to your doorstep before the produce aisle and what I mean by that is when you go into the supermarket and, let’s say, buy strawberries, you don’t know how long they’ve been sitting there on the shelf,” he says. “But with Veggie Carriage, we source our produce every day for orders that same day.”
The produce is processed in a temperature-controlled facility and delivered on a refrigerated vehicle, so that the quality of the fruits and vegetables never suffers. 
“The only time your produce is not going to be in a refrigerator, where it’s best kept, is those minutes where it’s standing on your doorstep before you come and bring it into your home,” Mor says. 
Veggie Carriage wants to keep both its customers and employees safe and healthy, so workers are outfitted with personal protective equipment including masks, gloves and disposable gowns. Mor says customers have expressed relief at knowing only a small number of employees handle the produce before it’s delivered, unlike products that come from a supermarket that may have been touched by an untold number of shoppers. 
While the viability of Veggie Carriage is important to Mor, he measures the venture’s success by the number of vulnerable community members helped by the service, such as the elderly who are most at risk for coronavirus. 
“We’re really trying to help the people who really need it,” he says. 
The company also donates produce to financially strapped families, many of whom have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. 
“We hope our venture will help many families in the South Jersey area receive their essentials at an affordable price,” Mor says. “And we’re very thankful for the amount of support we’re receiving from the community.” 
Veggie Carriage
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Servicing Camden County, the Main Line, parts of the Jersey Shore and more.

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Published and copyrighted in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 17, Issue 3 (June 2020).

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