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Attorney Methodology

by South Jersey Magazine

Earlier this year, we sent out correspondence to the leading attorneys and law firms in South Jersey in search of nominations for our annual Awesome Attorneys list. In addition, we also tasked our readers with going online and recommending the legal professionals they’ve had positive experiences with. The results were tallied and after applying a minimum number of votes to be considered for the list, the leading vote getters in each specialty were then vetted using public sources of information to verify peer recognition, professional achievements, experience, honorable accolades and more.
We go to great lengths and take time and energy to ensure a fair voting process, but we acknowledge these surveys and Internet research and not an entirely objective metric. We are aware that this is just a mere sample of the good attorneys in the region and thus there are many professionals who do not appear on the list. Furthermore, South Jersey Magazine does not solely endorse the services of any particular attorney who was selected. Lastly, any paid advertisements in this publication were not exchanged for inclusion on the list.