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Sponsored Content: Prepared for the Future
M Financial Planning Services helps clients develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve their goals.

by Lindsey Getz

Have you ever wished that you could have the chance to get a glimpse into your future? When it comes to planning for your finances, that information would be invaluable. While there is nobody who can hand you a crystal ball, by working with the right financial planner you can work toward making wise choices now that will have your future self thanking you.

Of course, the key is partnering with the right firm. Not all financial planners offer the truly comprehensive financial services that you need in order to work toward having the most possible success. Ted Massaro, CLU, Chartered Financial Consultant and owner of M Financial Planning Services equates it to a doctor that just checks your height and weight versus one that completes a thorough exam. You’d obviously want the latter.

And that’s exactly how it should be with financial planning.

“There are so many different topics to be addressed in a comprehensive financial plan,” he says. “These might include investment decisions, estate planning, retirement, social security, succession planning for a business and more. You want to make sure that all of these topics are addressed and it’s not just one-dimensional planning.”

Oftentimes the focus seems to be on how you’re investing, but Massaro says that being truly prepared for the future means digging much deeper. Even so, not all financial advisors are prepared or equipped to offer that.

“One of the benefits of working with M Financial Planning Services is the fact that you are supported by a team here,” adds Ed Garruto, MBA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. “Each member of our team has their own areas of specialization whether it’s insurance, annuities, retirement, investment management and more—it’s nice to have the value of various people with different areas of experience all contributing to your planning needs.”

There’s also a lot of hand-holding, when clients need it. Both Massaro and Garruto point out that navigating everything that comes with life and finances can be over-whelming. But at M Financial, clients know they can lean on their advisor for guidance and help.

Building Trust
All of this says a lot about M Financial’sfocus on customer service. The firm believes in being a “service industry, not a sales industry,” even though a lot of other financial services have gone in that latter direction.

Massaro says that the fact that so much of the industry is commission-based often leads people to question whether a planner has their best interest at heart. But M Financial believes in being incredibly transparent—and clients always know exactly what they’re being charged for, as well as how much they’re being charged. That transparency is at the foundation of clients’ trust.

And it’s obvious that clients really do trust the firm to help lead them into their futures. The average tenure of clients is 25 years—a fact that speaks volumes. From the very first meeting, it’s apparent to clients that this is a firm that they can count on.

“As a prospect becomes a client, our process is to help them find order in their financial lives,” Garruto says. “We provide an objective view of their situation. Often-times, you must take a step back in order to be proactive about preparing for the future. When you’re caught up in the present day, that can be difficult to do. But we work hand-in-hand through a partnership with our clients in helping them work toward meeting their financial goals and living the best life possible.”

As clients of M Financial look to the future, they also want to feel confident that their partnership with the firm will stand the test of time. Massaro says he wants clients to know that they are in the process of cultivating the next generation of advisors in the firm. After all, thinking about the future is what he’s been trained to do his entire professional life.

Massaro says: “Our clients can feel confident that we’re planning for our own future as much as we are theirs so that there will be no lapse in our services when one day I do retire.”

While it may not be a crystal ball, working with M Financial may help your future financial well-being.

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