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Attorneys at Graziano & Flynn take a personal approach to family law and ensure each client’s case receives the attention and devotion deserved.

by Lauren Kubiak

Deciding to get a divorce from your husband or wife is probably one of the toughest decisions that you have to make. Once the decision has been made, the road thereafter can prove to be long and excruciating. Not only does the choice affect your relationship with your spouse, but it may affect your relationship with your children as well.

At Graziano & Flynn, attorneys understand the stress and heartache that a divorce can involve: achieving custody agreements, resolving child support and other legal aspects involved. Domestic violence can also be an issue. Clients can rest assured knowing their case is of critical importance and they will get the best outcome possible with Graziano & Flynn on their side.

This family law firm has over 60 years of combined attorney experience between founding partner Ron Graziano, Esq. and his partner Robyn Flynn, Esq. The experience is what really sets the firm apart from other family law firms in the area. Priding themselves on “big firm experience, small firm attention,” the duo brings to the table an individualized approach to cases you can’t receive anywhere else.

“It’s the difference between going to a mom-and-pop shop for something versus going to a big giant department store,” Graziano says. “We pride ourselves on individual attention to individual needs and when you do matrimonial work, the needs are financial, the needs are economic but there’s such a substantial, emotional component to it.”

Because the firm is smaller, the attorneys are able to develop a connection and trust with their clients they may not be able to get at a larger firm. Clients appreciate that their lives and their economic future are protected by the firm.

“You have to be on the same philosophical wave length as the client, so one of my important philosophies is that I never, ever start an unnecessary fight in a divorce situation,” Graziano explains. “The reason I don’t do that is because the financial and the emotional drain on the client is hardly ever worth it. But, if a fight breaks out—I will finish it.”

For Graziano, if children are included in the case, they become the most important aspect. He says it’s part of his duty as a family lawyer to “protect the children in the marriage while at the same time protecting my client.” Children should be protected by the system, their parents and the lawyers who are involved.
Graziano has 30 years’ experience with a big law firm, and 15 years with Graziano & Flynn. He is one of a few lawyers in the state to actually bring a family law case to the New Jersey Supreme Court and change the law. In addition to handling complex, sometimes high conflict cases, Graziano has published unique and thought-provoking articles in peer-reviewed journals and teaches family law trial tactics for family lawyers with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

“I’m teaching lawyers who are handling family law-type matters and what we teach them is how to be good trial lawyers,” Graziano says. “It’s not a natural skill. It needs to be learned. It needs to be taught and we teach them the proper way to do it so that when they’re representing somebody, they can do it in a first-class manner. If you’re going to be a lawyer, every case … has to be treated like it’s the most important case in the office. Everybody deserves that.”

Graziano has the position and high admiration today through his dedication to the community and perseverance in his professional career to give clients what they need. From receiving special accolades such as the Corpus Juris Secundum Award at Rutgers Law School to accepting a position working for a federal judge to receiving an AV Preeminent rating, the highest rating a lawyer can receive, Graziano has proven he is the lawyer you can trust.

His profession aside, Graziano has worked in public service as a councilman for Mount Laurel and soon thereafter, a mayor while also serving on the township planning board. He served as the community’s youth baseball coach for seven years and director of the baseball program for two years. He is also involved in boards and associations at Rutgers-Camden Law School as well as holding the position of adjunct professor.

“I’ve been doing this for decades. People always ask, ‘Well what makes you different from the other lawyers? You all went to law school; you all passed the bar exam; you’re all licensed by the state. What makes you different?’” Graziano asks.

The difference is the devotion he’s had for family law. Whether it was changing New Jersey laws or teaching the lawyers of the future, he has shown commitment to his craft day in and day out knowing that when his next client comes knocking on the door, he’ll be able to show sincerity and understanding during their time of need.

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