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What’s trending in outdoor living?

by South Jersey Magazine-- Editorial Staff
Local experts tell us what hot backyard trends we’ll be seeing this spring. “Outdoor kitchens are always popular but there is a shift away from wide-open spaces. Instead, tiered patios are designed to create a multi-room effect—a main level for the outdoor kitchen and dining area complemented with a sublevel using seating walls to form intimate nooks. Since not all families are the same, it is important to discuss family size, activities and how the space is to be used as part of the planning process.”
—Mark DelPrato, Landscape Designer, Young’s Landscape Management Inc.

“To add a bit of charm, some outdoor living environments are highlighted with an ornamental pergola. These wooden structures generally consist of open cross beams supported by pillars. Often these lattices can be adorned with shadow boards or customized awnings.”

“It’s not just about the beauty and awe of the design and landscape either but turning the pool into a virtual water park for the kids. What resort pool doesn’t have a slide? They have now made a big comeback as they are much more visually appealing and creative than the stick slides of 20 years ago. If they have seen it on vacation they now want it in the back yard. Another feature growing in popularity is the Swim Jet which turns the pool into a virtual water park.”
—Mike McCool, General Manager, Swim-Mor Pools and Spas

“One current trend has been to really up the bar on bringing the vacation experience in to the backyard. People have started to go beyond just installing a pool with a water feature—although all types of water features are still popular on almost every pool—but they are also adding sun shelf lounging areas for lounge chairs with umbrellas inside the pool, vanishing edge features even when they are not backed up to a cliff or body of water, inset bar stools or cozy corner type areas, raised spas with multiple jets, pumps and blowers that cascade into the pool.”

“Comprehensive tree and shrub care is an important part of any landscape maintenance program, providing protection against harmful insects, fungus and other environmental conditions. Despite the clear benefits, many homeowners are hesitant to consider this type of horticultural program. They fear chemicals will be “dumped” throughout the landscape. This is avoided with integrated pest management, a process in which the necessary treatment is applied only to impacted trees and shrubs.”

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 12 (March, 2016).
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