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In 2020, Swedesboro Brewing Company set up shop in the historic Gloucester County town that shares its name. Now, with both local loyalty and national recognition to its name, the blossoming brewery is putting down roots in a second South Jersey location as Collingswood’s Raccoon Taproom makes its debut.

by Madeleine Maccar

Great businesses, just like a great beer, start with the grains of a great idea. And whether it’s a time-tested recipe for success or something imaginatively innovative, it’s all about how it’s nurtured to life.

Over just a few short years, Swedesboro Brewing Company has already learned a thing or two about making big dreams come true. The achievements it’s enjoyed since opening its first brewery in 2020 aren’t just apparent in that thriving Swedesboro location and some locally in-demand brews, as it’s already garnered national attention—and national acclaim, too.

“Over the past three years, we’ve grown from a small local brewery to a celebrated name in the craft beer scene, recently being ranked as the No. 2 new brewery by USA Today,” begins Marvin Bowe, the owner of Swedesboro Brewing Company. “We were also awarded two gold and three silver awards by Untappd, a geosocial networking service for beer enthusiasts, which shows that our customers are enjoying our creations.”

A journey that Bowe says “began with a simple idea: to create unique, high-quality beers that bring people together” has already reached a significant milestone, as Swedesboro Brewing just opened the Raccoon Taproom in Collingswood—its second location.

And the team has big dreams of Swedesboro Brewing’s newest location furthering the legacy that the flagship location easily and authentically established.

“Our hopes for the Raccoon Taproom are to create a beloved local gathering place where people can enjoy our craft beers and connect with one another,” Bowe says. “We aim to be an integral part of the Collingswood community and to bring the same level of quality and passion that has defined Swedesboro Brewing from the start.”

As the company was “founded with a passion for craft beer and a commitment to community,” it’s been heartening for the team to see that their collective labor of love has been met with equal passion by South Jersey’s beer aficionados.

It all starts with perfecting a menu of beers that combines an artisan’s love for their craft with a scientist’s exacting eye.

“Brewing is both an art and a science: It requires creativity to develop unique flavor profiles and scientific precision to ensure consistency and quality,” explains Bowe. “Our customers enjoy the novelty of unique beer flavors but also appreciate their staple beers, so consistency is vital to our success. This approach has allowed us to create a diverse range of beers that stand out in the market. Our commitment to this balance has earned us a loyal following and recognition in the craft beer community.”

Both building and contributing to a community is of paramount importance to Bowe and the Swedesboro Brewing family. That’s why they tirelessly work to ensure that either location feels like the kind of hometown taproom that seamlessly integrates itself into the local landscape while fostering an environment where every customer, whether they’re a first-time visitor or longtime patron, is a warmly regarded regular.

“Our goal has always been to create spaces that are welcoming and inclusive,” Bowe ardently affirms. “Our taprooms are designed to be community hubs where people can gather, relax and establish new friendships while they enjoy great beer. We also engage with local events and collaborate with local bars and restaurants to strengthen our ties to the community. We want to be the local watering hole for those who enjoy the brewery scene, but want to supply our beers to others local hangouts to ensure that the community can experience exceptional local craft beer wherever they wish.”

As the Raccoon Taproom has moved into a location that Devil’s Creek previously called home, Bowe knows that Swedesboro Brewing’s second location has high expectations to meet.

“Taking over the previous Devil’s Creek location has been an exciting challenge,” he explains. “We ultimately redid the entire taproom, recycling all the wood previously used for bench seating and tables to create new wall treatments and a custom bar. We redid the brewhouse, including doubling the brewing capacity, all new draft system and new glycol system to ensure optimal production.”

And if you’re wondering what’s on tap, Bowe continues: “Our intention was always to build on our successes. We will be brewing all the beers onsite, starting with six of our most popular beers, but adding 10 novel beers that are exclusive to Collingswood.”

Swedesboro Brewing has taken inspiration from its eponymous town’s vast history as it continues to tell stories through each of their beer brands, but there’s an awful lot about Collingswood that Bowe already anticipates will add its own flavor to the company’s storytelling strategy.

“The town has a strong appreciation for local businesses and the arts. We’ve received overwhelming support and enthusiasm from residents eager to embrace our new brewery,” he adds. “We like to tell historic stories through our beers, a tradition we started in Swedesboro and will continue in Collingswood, [which has] a vibrant community with rich history. Its dynamic atmosphere and supportive community made it an ideal location for the Raccoon Taproom: We believe our craft beers will resonate well with the residents and visitors of Collingswood.”

Bowe has already seen the familiar warmth that the Swedesboro Brewing Company’s locations embody echoed in the reception its Collingswood taproom has received even before opening its doors to the tight-knit South Jersey community.

“Everyone has been so inviting and welcoming,” he says. “We have already made a lot of new friends.”

But he’s not that surprised, given that the team behind Swedesboro Brewing Company are quick studies in making sure that their customers and neighbors feel like family.

“Our team is diverse, and each member brings unique perspectives to the table. We encourage collaboration and creativity, which helps us to continually improve the customer experience,” says Bowe. “We have a very special crew. Many of them are teachers and principals of local schools, but all of them are professional and enjoy providing exceptional experiences for our patrons.”


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