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Paving the Way
The father-son team spearheading Garden State Paving extends their familial warmth to their clients in every project, from start to finish.

by Carly Murray

For Richard Piendak Jr. and Richard Piendak III, helping clients with their paving solutions is in the duo’s DNA. Piendak Jr. grew up in Delaware working for his father’s well-established asphalt company, Richard’s Paving Inc. At the age of 18 he decided he wanted to start his own operation, so he took his trade knowledge over the bridge to South Jersey where he knew his business was destined to flourish.

The father and son run their company, Garden State Paving, with a customer-focused, family-oriented approach at its core. Since 1994, they have been offering services like sealcoating and asphalt paving, repairs and crack filling to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

But it took a lot of hard work and dedication to develop Garden State Paving into what it is today.

Piendak Jr. started Garden State Paving close to three decades ago with a small staff and few customers. After years in business, the Cherry Hill company has carved out a powerful position conducting paving, milling, fine grading, sealcoating and stripping work. Even more importantly to Piendak Jr., Garden State Paving is synonymous with the family name, a brand built upon the sturdy foundation of trust.

Along with that self-starter mentality, Garden State Paving also brings its high-quality work to each project, from the initial conception to well after completion in case clients have any questions. They also prioritize being a full-service operation, in which they serve as a one-stop-shop for all paving needs, an extension of their consideration for not only their clients but also their clients’ time.

Garden State Paving’s specialties include driveway installations and expansions, parking lots and small streets. While their efficient process leads to aesthetically pleasing results, their thorough planning, finishing and repair options also leave clients with outcomes they can count on to be durable and safe.

To get started, one just needs to call Garden State Paving’s 1-800 number or their office numbers in either Cherry Hill or Mullica Hill. At that point, prospective customers can speak with a member of their team to receive a free estimate that emphasizes cost-effective options—yet another testament to their consideration toward customers and the personalized experience provided. Once a project is scheduled, the Piendaks personally see to its completion and customer satisfaction.

“[As a] father-son duo, we’re out there hand in hand helping each other,” Piendak III affirms. “We’re still on every job, that’s what makes us unique.”

That powerful bond leads to individualized client service, project cohesiveness and attention to detail. With the Piendaks’ expertise, clients can refer to them personally at any time to maintain longevity in both look and functionality. While this is an attribute of any of their projects large or small, Garden State Paving’s evolution of service to include doing work for the region’s municipalities impacts entire communities. In short, their experience and methodical knowledge drastically enhance the quality of a finished product that benefits far more than just the paying customer.

Although their main specialty is paving, in regard to repairs and finishings, pavement damage and degradation are extremely common, especially in a region characterized by aging colonial structures. This can range from a nuisance to a safety hazard, and it is always best to take care of a potential problem sooner rather than later—well before it becomes a larger, more expensive and potentially dangerous issue. Especially after this season’s winter storms, locals are advised to consider sealcoating that can protect and act as a preventative initiative. The Piendaks advise that hot and dry weather is optimal for sealcoating, which is right around the corner.

To achieve this, Garden State Paving utilizes their high-quality tools and materials, and they are familiar with any guidelines and codes within their coverage areas. The utmost attention to safety is demonstrated during construction and within the foundation of the paving. Ultimately, Garden State Paving has their clients completely covered at no risk with insurance and a money-back guarantee.

“We treat our customers the way we want to be treated and the way we treat family,” says Piendak III. “Those are basically our morals, how we back up our work and stand behind it.”


Garden State Paving
Serving South Jersey
Cherry Hill: (856) 429-3002  |  Mullica Hill: (856) 478-0069

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Published and copyrighted in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 20, Issue 12 (March 2023)

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