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There’s No Place Like Home
With the help of Frank Inzinna and his team at ICG Custom Homes, clients can cross off every item on their wish list and wind up in the house of their dreams.

by Matt Cosentino

House hunting can be an enjoyable experience, especially at the outset, when the potential buyers compile a wish list and conjure visions of their dream home. Inevitably, the turbulent real estate market becomes quite difficult to navigate, and in the end they often wind up compromising on many of their wants and needs, whether it’s the number of bedrooms, the layout of the kitchen or that finished basement they craved.

Of course, there is a way to avoid that outcome and check off every box. Having a custom home built allows the buyers to control every last detail and ensure they are getting a house they can be happy in for years to come.

“You get exactly what you’re looking for—the sizes you want, the finishes you want,” says Frank Inzinna, owner of ICG Custom Homes. “I’ve met with a lot of people who wanted to renovate an existing house, but find you’re accepting what someone else had and trying to adapt it to your needs. With custom, everything is brand new and you can design whatever you want, whether it’s the layout, the ceiling treatments or the cabinets. You get to pick everything.”

Inzinna founded ICG Custom Homes in January 2010 and has built thousands of single- and multi-family homes in several states, including all over South Jersey. But his construction experience dates back even further, more than 40 years. He was just a kid when he first got interested in the industry through his father, a general contractor.

“I basically started working with him when I was 6 years old, sweeping houses,” he says. “I went to college for construction engineering, and after graduating I worked for various builders before starting my own company. I have always enjoyed the building industry, creating and seeing the design come to reality while working with customers.”

Clients usually come to ICG after locating and purchasing a property, but if they are having trouble finding a suitable lot, Inzinna has well-established relationships with several Realtors in the area who can assist with the search. The initial meeting with the customers includes Inzinna and his trusted architect—who he has worked with for 20 years—and a renowned interior decorator who will also work side-by-side with the homeowners during the selection process.

ICG offers a wide variety of models, from 1,800-square-foot starter homes to 7,500-square-foot luxury mansions, with prices ranging from $350,000 to $3 million. Unlike other neighborhoods in the area that often become cookie-cutter, the best part is that the clients are getting a home that is unique to them.

“We can rework any of our models according to their needs,” Inzinna says. “Each house is totally different, especially in the higher-end price range. People don’t want to spend $2 or $3 million and have the house next door look exactly the same. Even if the layout is the same, you can still make the elevation a little bit different and fit into the neighborhood.”

Inzinna is on-site throughout the construction phase—which usually can last from about six to 18 months, depending on the size of the project—and oversees a team of expert professionals who are proud to demonstrate the finest craftsmanship in their work. He always keeps customers in the loop and stresses the benefits of respect and effective communication.

“I’m normally available 24/7 and people can contact me if there’s an issue,” he says. “I’ll meet them on-site and walk the house during three specific stages: when the house is framed, after it’s drywalled, and then at the completion. If there are changes that need to be made, the best time is before construction during the planning stage. Many people find it difficult to visualize what’s happening on a plan. In a custom home, that’s not really an issue. You’re able to move walls, move windows, move doorways and customize everything that’s there.”

He adds that some of the current popular trends are home offices, bathrooms for every bedroom, in-law suites and second-floor laundry rooms. No matter what bells and whistles a client chooses, the best part of Inzinna’s job remains the final walk-through, when he and his team have delivered on their promise of building the home of their dreams.

“When you design something with an architect and come up with something that a customer wants, to see it develop and the joy that the customer has is pretty rewarding,” he says.

“My goal is to satisfy the customer, and that’s why clients will often return to work with us again. I’ve built two or three houses for the same people: I’ve built their kids’ houses, their fathers’ houses and I’ve remodeled houses that I built before. We’re proud to have a lot of repeat business.”

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