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Top Physicians for Kids
Nominate your child's favorite doctor by Jan. 5!

by Staff

Anyone with children has spent their fair share of time visiting the doctor. Whether for routine checkups or sick visits, the confines of a physician’s office almost become a home away from home. Spending that much time with your child’s medical provider means you’ll get to know them pretty well, so you better choose wisely.

That’s why we are turning to our readers and asking you to nominate the Top Children's Physicians across South Jersey, shining a light on those who have made an impact in their family’s lives, both professionally and personally.

In our February issue, South Jersey Magazine will highlight those physicians that have made an impact on the lives of people in our area. Please list the first name, last name and town of the physician you are voting for. Each person can vote one time per day.

Entries must be received HERE by Jan. 5.