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The Science of Beauty
NS.Aesthetics helps clients feel confident in their skin with customized skin care and anti-aging treatments administered by licensed professionals.

by Carly Murray



Aging is a natural process of our existence for which society has searched for methods of impeding and reversing for several decades, and in the modern era it is more achievable than ever before. Not only is a desired look with personalized treatment obtainable, but advancements have been made to make treatments more streamlined with little-to-no pain, quick recovery times and a natural appearance.

“I am seeing a ton of people that are coming in for radiofrequency microneedling with exosomes. Exosomes on average can give skin 300% more elastin simulation and production, 150% collagen stimulation, and rejuvenating the overall skin health. When we do it in conjunction with exosomes it can cut their healing time at about 50%, so they're healing faster and getting better results. They're seeing actual changes in the texture, tone, elasticity and the overall vibrancy of the skin,” explains Nicole S. Schaefer, RN, LM, in regard to the newest technology trending right now.

Schaefer launched NS.Aesthetics in Cherry Hill after approximately three decades of experience in health and beauty, with a background in spa ownership and cardiology as a registered nurse and a licensed medical esthetician. She is currently studying to become a Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS).

Schaefer and her team handle clients of all ages with a range of aesthetic desires. Hydro Peel Facials and detox facials for acne and other youth skin conditions which do not require needles are popular among teenage clients. However, injection-based procedures such as filler threads and Bellafill—which is used to correct pores, acne scars and fine lines—are carefully administered to ensure minimal damage or bruising.

“The [Bellafill] procedure is painless. I do it with a cannula technique, so there's less trauma to the tissue. There's only one entry point so you don't have to keep injecting your patient with needles, [meaning] less bruising and less trauma to the tissue. It's really a beautiful, natural result lasting up to five years,” says Schaefer.

Other treatments include with facials LED light treatments and hydrocell masks that “really lock in vitamins, minerals and soothe skin locking in hydration and plumping, so you get a lasting radiant glow.”

Schaefer will also blend a custom skin cocktail for each patient during hydra needling facials, aimed at targeting hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores over all skin tone, done with a 24-karat gold needling device, vitamins, minerals, neurotoxins and hyaluronic acid with little to no downtime.

If a treatment does require downtime, it’s still not long before gorgeous, natural-looking results become visible. NS.Aesthetics patients receive thorough post-care instructions that include which products can be used and which cannot while recovering.

“I always tell patients: two weeks is your magic number for healing with a lot of the more in-depth skin procedures,” Schaefer says.

Those in-depth procedures provide long-lasting satisfaction, and Schaefer stays diligent in managing each patient’s beauty plan with a regimen.

“I call them ‘tweak-ments’ instead of treatments. I do a detailed consultation with my patients; I want them to explain to me what their goals are. I like to keep everything realistic for them and just enhance their natural beauty. Neurotoxins, on average, are done about four times a year and dermal fillers [are done] a few times a year depending upon the area More advanced skin therapies like RF microneedling, PDO threads, PRP and PRF and IPL laser treatments should be done a few times each year to just maintain and to keep that youthful, vibrant glow and keep your skin at its optimal health,” she explains.

Furthermore, a flawless result isn’t only for celebrities anymore—Schaefer accommodates a range of budgets and will consult with clients about the financial side of their beauty goals before a commitment is made. The aesthetics services at NS.Aesthetics are affordable to the general public, yet leaves clients feeling red-carpet-worthy. 

“I offer full PDO thread facelifts and the results are absolutely amazing. That's really for longevity. It really will lift, tighten and stimulate collagen in the skin and that can last anywhere from 18 to 24 months,” Schaefer adds.

Whether a person is searching for an everyday solution focused on longevity or to immediately complement a special event with glowing skin, Schaefer intends to fulfill each patient’s ideal image without pushing them out of their comfort zone. After all, it is the clients’ standards for themselves that are most vital.

“It's up to the individual,” she says. “I ask my patients, ‘What are you seeing in the mirror? What do you want to achieve? What is your main goal?’ I always want to be very, very honest and keep the expectations realistic. If somebody comes in once or twice a year, just to get a little freshen-up and they're happy with doing that, then I'm happy with that as well.”

“It's the comfort level of the patient,” Schaefer continues. “I like to do a beauty plan with my patients so we can keep them within their budget and keep them within what their achievable goals are.”


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