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‘Pet People are Good People’
The husband-and-wife team behind the award-winning EarthWise Pet Turnersville are dedicated to caring for their neighbors’ pets just as much as they have for their own.

by Madeleine Maccar
For George and Teresa Davenport, there is nothing better than helping their neighbors go above and beyond for their furry family members. 
The owners of EarthWise Pet Turnersville, a franchised Pet Nutrition Center and Wellness Spa with more than 200 locations across the country, just kicked off the seventh year of a journey that began with their own beloved furbaby, Reese. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lived for nearly 14-and-a-half years despite some harrowing neurological, heart, cancer and allergy diagnoses—a long life that the Davenports attribute to the care they were able to give him through EarthWise Pet. 
It’s a story the husband and wife have seen repeated over and over in the clients who trust their beloved pets’ dietary needs and care with the entire Turnersville team. 
“We had someone come in whose dog wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t move and was suffering with such a severe case of mange that the vet couldn’t resolve it and said they’d have to put the dog down,” Teresa recalls. “She came in and said, ‘I heard about you guys, I need help.’ I told her there’s a couple things—we can put him on a raw diet, and we can do this five-step system with shampoo, conditioner, a lotion and a cell restoration cream. I went over everything with her and within two or three days, the dog was up, he was eating, his skin was turning pink and healthy again. That’s the whole reason why we do what we do.” 
Indeed, EarthWise Pets’ devotion to customers’ pets is reflected in not just their certifications but their dedication. Teresa and three of their team members are Certified Pet Nutritionists, while another is finishing up her Pet-Dietitian Certification. Additionally, their team also boasts those who have received their raw nutrition certification, as well as groomers who are certified in working with geriatric and other special-needs pets. 
The Davenports credit their big-hearted, “phenomenal staff” with helping to make the franchise a consistently award-winning operation. 
“Every year we’ve been open, we’ve won Best Pet Store in Washington Township, half of those years we got Best Grooming in Washington Township, and two or three of those years, we got Best Dog Training in Washington Township,” says George, adding that Assistant Manager Sherry Exley is their in-house and 
award-winning trainer who utilizes the positive motivation techniques of modern canine behavioral science to correct persistent behavioral issues. 
EarthWise Pet has also been recognized multiple times by the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce’s Best of Gloucester County honors, and was named by South Jersey Magazine readers as the Best of the Best for 2023. 
“The reason we win and have won is because we take care of the pets—they come before the profit of the business,” George continues. “It’s not like going to a grocery store to buy pet food, where no one will talk to you about your pet’s needs. Every person who walks in this door … we walk through the store with them and talk to them about what’s the right food for their dog, what kind of issue their dog is having and how can we assist with non-medical fixes like the diet of the dog. What goes into the dog makes the dog. That has gotten us tons of references from one customer to another. We win because we continue to talk to the customers all the time. They are the ones that are voting for us.” 
And while a pile of accolades is certainly a feather in their cap, what truly sets EarthWise Pets apart is showing customers’ furry family members the same love they give to their own, which includes only selling high-quality products they’ve exhaustively vetted, with a focus on those that are both environmentally friendly and made and sourced in the USA. 
“We won’t put anything on the shelves that we wouldn’t have given to our own dog,” Teresa promises. “Our customers—and many of them have become close friends—they trust us in helping them because they saw how we were with Reese. … They feel comfortable knowing that we do our research when we bring in products, that we’ve done their research for them. We don’t source anything from China that [pets] can eat or put on their bodies. They know that, when they come in, the products we offer are healthy products, and it makes them feel comfortable knowing that we’re educated and we’re educating them.” 
Being able to help customers who not only regard their pets as family but also have become like family to the Davenports are huge reasons why the husband-and-wife team truly love what they do. 
“We have a lot of customers that just make it easier for us to come to work because we look forward to seeing them,” adds Teresa. “They’re just so caring and loving and helpful.” 
“It’s rewarding to do what we do,” George adds. “Pet people are great people.” 

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