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Looking Good
The team at Kresloff Eye Associates is eager to help new and longtime patients find personalized care and exclusive frames at their newly expanded office and onsite eyeglass boutique.

by Madeleine Maccar
A good doctor, no matter their field, knows that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, and the team at Kresloff Eye Associates is heartened to see patients taking control of their ocular health. 
“We are entering into an era of proactive rather than reactive medical care: Patients are much more proactive in maintaining their health through regularly scheduled medical and vision exams,” says Randi Kresloff, Kresloff Eye Associates’ office administrator. “Our physicians are excited to welcome this change.”
The eye experts at Kresloff responded with two significant changes. First came “a larger office space with more exam rooms and additional upgraded testing options,” a necessary expansion that soon underscored how beneficial a second project would be. 
“We recognized how important it would be for our patients to have an expanded and updated optical boutique, where they could not only have the best, most varied and largest selection of frames, but also endless options of lenses and upgrades,” Kresloff explains. 
Providing that exhaustive selection—including designer glasses that can’t be found anywhere else in the region—ensures that “everyone coming into our optical shop can find the perfect frame for their face.” And since Kresloff Eye doesn’t have exclusive deals with any one provider, “this opens up every option available from every single brand that exists.”
Kresloff continues: “We pride ourselves on having a frame for every patient. For some, that means they can get a pair of glasses from their doctor’s office at the best price possible rather than bringing that prescription to larger discount chains or online vendors. Other patients are looking for an exclusive high-end designer boutique experience. They want something on their face that is exclusive … a pair of glasses that gets noticed.”
The Kresloff team approached developing their boutique with the same thoughtfulness, individualized attention and focus they extend to every person who puts their eye health in the practice’s hands, going on “quite an adventure locating and finding exclusive designer brands” to bring back to its Collingswood location. 
“We found both lower-priced brands with an exclusive-style feel, as well as high-end unique designs,” begins Kresloff. “We are very excited to bring to our area frames from Italy and France that no other South Jersey optical shop currently sells. We have also partnered with domestic handmade brands that offer a different level of craftsmanship than typically seen outside of large cities.”
As “having a fully licensed optical staff is a priority at Kresloff Eye,” the boutique is staffed by opticians whose expert advice is just as diligently individualized as the medical services provided by the practice’s physicians.
“We view our whole staff as part of a team,” Kresloff says. “While the doctor may be the ‘quarterback’ calling the plays and dictating the direction of the game, the team can only score a touchdown when the quarterback has an awesome wide receiver to receive his/her throws. This is where highly trained and skilled opticians come in: Our opticians frequently communicate with our doctors to ensure the lenses they are providing and the recommendations they are making will best accommodate the prescription written. We believe so strongly in this communication and partnership that we guarantee our glasses—if you aren’t happy, bring them back. Our expert, licensed team will evaluate, communicate with your doctor and get to the bottom of it as a team. Lastly, having expert opticians means having expert knowledge on all lenses available to you as a patient.”
A brand-new boutique isn’t the only way the Kresloff team helps patients find their perfect frames: Monthly trunk shows throw open the practice’s doors to not only build community but also offer an up-close and in-person interaction with specific collections and designers. Those recurring events also include giveaways, vouchers for lens upgrades and raffles for free frames, as well as a festive atmosphere punctuated by plenty of snacks and flourishes provided by local partners, like stunning floral displays courtesy of Michael Bruce Florist. 
“At these shows, we partner with one of our exclusive and elite designers, having the vendor of that brand bring all of the frames that specific brand has to offer—we have had shows where hundreds of glasses are showcased,” says Randi. “Nowhere, other than these types of trunk shows, can patients and community members have the opportunity to see entire collections in person, all available to be tried on and explored.”
Offering frames suited to every style and budget, while accommodating prescriptions and lenses expertly fit to each individual, is how the Kresloff Eye team makes sure everyone feels as good as their new frames look. 
“The combination of these options with our fully licensed and expert opticians allows our doctors to have the confidence that the prescriptions they write will translate into a successful visual experience,” Kresloff says. “We feel that South Jersey is ready for this eclectic, unique, classy and truly special collection of eyewear!”
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