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Filling the Void
The Chrysalis Counseling Center is a space for healing, transformation and growth.

by Kristen Jorgensen

Butterflies are not called butterflies overnight. 

They have to undergo tons of changes in order to acquire that name. Change though, is often not easy for most, and for those difficult moments in life, Chrysalis Counseling Center is there to help you navigate.

The Chrysalis Counseling Center is owned and operated by therapist Caitlin Archibald (LPC, NCC, CCTP-II) and her wonderful team of therapists. Archibald, who works with patients ages 14 and up, offers modalities in trauma-informed therapies, person-centered therapy, mindfulness-based therapy and somatic therapy to name just a few.

“I wanted to open a space that really aligned with my values, which is to provide a much-needed service to the community. As things have evolved, we have tried to figure out how to best serve the community around us,” Archibald say of the practice, which opened at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, we reached out to school districts to provide support to teachers who were very stressed trying to teach through those difficult times. We also started groups to help teenagers navigate losing a lot of the social momentum they had leading up to the pandemic, as well as groups for new mothers who were feeling isolated and completely overwhelmed. We also had one therapist here, who reached out to hospitals and health care facilities to support the physicians and health care workers, who were understandably feeling stress and sadness about what was happening in the world. Our goal, especially being trauma-informed therapists, was and is, to help the community in any way that we can.”

Another goal since opening has been to evolve into a larger center, broadening the horizon of patients by accepting the largest insurance networks, in hopes to allow more people to be able to afford therapy. 

“We really started growing in April of 2021 and have continued on that path. It’s wonderful because that means we have more services to offer to those that need it. We have therapists that work with children as young as 5 years old and with the elderly population,” Archibald states.

And Archibald is confident that growth will continue as we culturally discuss the benefits of mental health services. “We have definitely seen an increase in people seeking out therapy. I believe there has been a huge push to destigmatize and accept the benefits that mental health services provide our overall health and well-being,” she says. 

Chrysalis Counseling Center offers a variety of therapists and therapy styles to best fit the needs of each individual patient. “We have a variety of backgrounds, so when a potential client calls in, I do my best to match them to the right therapist based on background and availability. We offer traditional therapy, art therapy and even dance therapy. I think the most important option we offer at the center is our telehealth sessions. Understandably, we are a very busy society, but we would never want accessibility to be the reason why a client couldn’t speak to a therapist. Many of our therapists offer telehealth sessions and we utilize a confidential, HIPAA-compliant software platform to ensure your privacy during those sessions,” Archibald says. 

Above all else, when deciding to commit to therapy, Archibald explains that so much about what you get out of it really comes down to the relationship with your therapist. “It’s really important to feel good about your therapist. Clients are encouraged to visit our website and review the bios and backgrounds of our therapists, and see if someone stands out to them. I can also help match them if they would like to call or email the center for assistance. The most important thing I stress to each client is that it’s OK to switch therapists if you don’t feel like it’s a great match. The goal is to always make sure both the therapist and the client are comfortable and confident that help can be provided.”

In summary, therapy is a process that ebbs and flows. There is no “right way to do therapy.” Each client’s situation is unique to them and their treatment is tailored at Chrysalis Counseling Center to meet those unique requirements.

“Mental health is an important, vital part of everyone’s total health and culturally we do a disservice as providers when we view health as separate systems, instead of many parts of one whole,” says Archibald. “We do our best to provide the community with the best services we can with our respective backgrounds.” 

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