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Sponsored Content: Shining Brightly
A solar company that aims higher.

by Lindsey Getz

With many players in the solar marketplace, there’s one company determined to shake things up. Stressing that they’re “not  your father’s solar  company,” Orbit Energy & Power, headquartered in the heart of Mantua, has a unique approach when it comes to selling solar energy.

“For one,” says Sean Angelini, company president, “Orbit is a complete one- stop shop for your energy and sustainability needs. Not only do we install commercial and residential solar, but we also install whole-home back-up generators, LED lighting for energy efficiency, whole-home battery storage, NASA-endorsed water purification systems, electric vehicle charging stations and even traditional electrical work, such as service upgrades. Our priority is to set a standard of excellence for clean energy and clean water.”

Having been in the solar industry for more than 18 years, Angelini’s experience includes his integral part in the installation of the first grid-tied system in the United States—a ground mount system tied directly into PECO’s grid—that set a precedent for future systems.

“I built a team to form one of the premier solar companies in North America,” Angelini says.  “We completed a first-ever install for DuPont, a first-ever install in  the  world  for Johnson & Johnson at their headquarters in New Brunswick, and a first-ever in the world for Merck Pharmaceuticals. We also performed projects for FedEx, the Liberty Science Center, the Atlantic  City Convention Center, the Eagles stadium and  for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our team is very well seasoned—we’ve been at this for a while.”

While  many other solar  companies focus  on  solar  leases, Orbit  Energy  & Power  is modeled differently with their “loan-to-own” model, Angelini  says. The leasing model has some flaws, which has—as the  saying  goes—left a bad  taste in some customers’ mouths. Angelini was recently in contact with one of his competitor’s clients who was locked into a 20-plus year lease agreement with no way to get out of it. She was paying more for solar than she would have to pay her energy company—defeating the purpose, financially.

“We don’t sell that way,” Angelini explains. “By selling a customized ‘loan-to-own’ financial solution, there is no lien or encumbrance on the homeowner’s home and  it is completely transferrable should they  decide to sell their home. They also get to keep  the  30 percent Federal Tax Credit along with the New Jersey SRECs.”

Angelini  says that in most cases, they  can “zero-out” a client’s electric bill or design a system that usually offsets 100 percent usage. That may leave them with a $5 to $10 electric bill—which Angelini says is a small fee that is charged for being connected to the grid.

Another way Orbit  Energy  differentiates itself is the quality of materials used. The components of every install only  include materials that have  had to pass both rigorous financial and engineering quality testing in  order to qualify.

“We only  use  Bloomberg Financial-approved Tier 1 solar panels, triple- black monocrystalline modules, which have  the  highest efficiency ratings in the market today, and look really sleek on  top  of it all,” Angelini  says.  “At a glance, people don’t always realize the difference in  quality of the  products out  there, but  it can  vary greatly. We only use the very best  of the best  and everything that we sell comes with  a complete 25-year warranty.”

In addition to these features, Angelini says that the  way Orbit  Energy  treats their customers is another key factor that attributed to their success. Angelini says that Orbit goes above and beyond to always ensure the customer is happy. This  includes doing things a bit  un- orthodox when warranted. After one solar install, where a dumpster company hadn’t moved the dumpster by the day of the family’s graduation party, Angelini was out at the family’s home on a week- end morning making sure the dumpster got moved.

Similarly, when a tree company that had removed a tree blocking a different customer’s solar panels ended up cracking their sidewalk, Angelini was, again, out  there with  a crew  repairing the sidewalk and  laying  sod  where there had  been some damage in the  yard. After all that, he went  out and  bought the  family  a flat screen television for their trouble.

“We never want a customer to be unsatisfied,” Angelini  says.  “We’ll do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy. After all, without customers, you can’t have  a business. That’s why we believe in focusing on our customers first and foremost, then on our incredible team, and  only  after,  on  profits. Any company that puts money before people first will never be able to sustain itself for the  long  term and  we plan  to be here for a very long time.”

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