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Here To Stay
Drs. Emily Stein and Marie Cullen provide a comforting and positive dental experience at their new state-of-the-art facility.

by Julie Shannon

After serving the South Jersey area with 28 years of combined experience, Drs. Emily Stein and Marie Cullen decided it was time to branch out and recently opened their state-of-the-art dental facility, Stein Cullen Family Dental. Most importantly, their goal was to continue serving patients in South Jersey and provide quality care that is second to none.

 “Our No. 1 priority is customer service and providing treatment as if that patient is the only patient in the office at any given time,” Dr. Stein says.

“We are able to create an atmosphere we are proud of and have the most ideal and positive patient experience,” Dr. Cullen says. “A lot of patients I see have not had great experiences; it made them nervous and afraid of the dental office and I love changing that perception. … We want them to have the most painless and comfortable experience possible. We want every patient to feel special.”

Their friendly, attentive staff makes sure each patient feels special from the time the first phone call is made to make an appointment, to the moment patients walk into the office and to the time they leave. Stein Cullen Family Dental provides a comforting and welcoming atmosphere, and meets all their patients’ needs—including being available for emergency appointments, minimum wait time and extended hours, even on Saturdays.

“Now that we have our own location, we can provide great customer service, minimum wait time and convenient hours,” Dr. Stein says. “We are here early in the mornings, late at nights and on the weekends.”

Conveniently located on Cross Keys Road in Sicklerville, their entire office is state-of-the-art, with the newest technology available. Everything is digital, including X-rays and charts. There are no paper forms to fill out when patients arrive—everything is done on iPads (the staff is happy to assist), and complimentary coffee and hot chocolate is available in their refreshment area as patients wait to be seen.

“Our office is modern, gorgeous and totally brand new,” Dr. Cullen explains. “Anyone that’s come in has been really impressed by it. The office reflects what we want to give everyone—a classy experience.”

In addition to performing services like crowns, bridges, fillings, dentures and cosmetic procedures, such as veneers and porcelain crowns, they are one of the few dentists in the area certified to perform Invisalign—aligners that straighten teeth without the headaches of braces.

“It’s all done on the computer; it’s all Internet-based and the technology is unbelievable,” Dr. Stein explains. “The aligners are created based off impressions we take and are digitally scanned. We can go back and forth with Invisalign to get the final results we want on the computer. This minimizes appointments and maximizes their time at each appointment—they don’t have to go back and forth and it streamlines the process. There’s a lot of patient input as well. They can set the final result on the computer before we get there and they can say if they are happy or want any changes or tweaks done to it.”

To make sure every patient feels at ease and doesn’t worry about if they can afford dental services, Stein Cullen Family Dental offers an in-house dental plan for patients without insurance. For a fee, this plan provides two cleanings a year, a set of X-rays, one emergency visit and 15 percent off any procedure they have done. “It’s our way of getting patients without insurance to feel it’s affordable,” Dr. Stein says.

Going above and beyond for the patients and building lasting relationships is of utmost importance for Stein and Cullen, and they are excited for what the future brings and to continue to serve South Jersey.

 “Every day is an adventure and provides different opportunities,” Dr. Stein says. “We love getting to know our patients really well and we’re seeing familiar faces and new faces.”

Dr. Cullen adds, “We are looking forward to creating the best experience for the entire family and being a part of the community for a long time.”

Stein Cullen Family Dental
675 Cross Keys Road
(856) 629-9100


Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 11 (February 2018). 

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